Wurlington Press View-Master Project

This post was published and formated for an old version of the blog.

You can’t avoid it, and everyone apparently loves it. Yes, I’m talking about James Cameron’s Avatar. True, it has a lot of computerized 3-D effects, but come on people, let’s get back to basics. I’m talking old-school stereoscopic goodness, the View-Master.

Matt Bergstrom of Wurlington Press knows what I’m talking about, because he’s taking it old school with his View-Master reels of classic Chicago landmarks.

We produced two of the three components for Wurlington Press’ View-Master project: the custom die-cut outer package, as well as the 8 panel folded insert. (The actual reels were produced by View-Master.)

The View-Master reel fits inside the 8-panel insert, which then fits snugly inside the custom package.

Here’s the actual die that made the cut, next to a flattened piece.

This side of the die must be handled with care. Watch those fingers, kids!

Here’s the project in its entirety. Thanks again to Wurlington Press, check out their View-Master project and others at wurlington-bros.com.


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