The Art of Dan SeagraveJuxtapoz Magazine Feature

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This month’s Juxtapoz Magazine — the celebrated, underground, urban and contemporary art mag — has an awesome 10-page feature on artist/illustrator Dan Seagrave. Best known for his seminal Death Metal album covers for bands, like, Entombed, Malevolent, Creation, Morbid Angel and Suffocation, Seagrave has transcended Metal stereotypes to create an impressive body of dreamy, macabre works. You can purchase his amazing prints on his Indiemerchstore page.

We recently printed a series of 18×24″ posters for Seagrave on 100# Gloss Text. Offset lithography is ideal for printing gorgeous, full-color prints at quantities and price-points that work for every stage of your career.

Thinking of printing your own posters? Choosing the right paper stock for your project can get confusing, even for seasoned pros. Here’s some quick tips:

Paper Stocks

Text-weight stocks are the most common. They are light-weight, cost-effective and easy to hang. If you’re unfamiliar with “paper brightness,” check out this great article from our buds at Creative Pro. 

All of our Glossy products are coated with an aqueous coating. This durable, water-based coating keeps our gloss papers looking awesome while ensuring that our full color products are 100% biodegradable. 

  • 100# Gloss Text This stock is what most people think of when you say, “poster.” A glossy stock with 30% PCW from Responsibly Forested Paper, 92-brightness and acid-free, your colors will pop with our aqueous coating and high shine.
  • 100# Uncoated Text Looking for a natural, raw feel? This is your stock. Uncoated paper with 30% PCW from Responsibly Forested Paper, 96-brightness and acid-free. Great for writability. Without the gloss coating, these stocks have a soft appearance and a slightly-muted color range.
  • 60# Uncoated Text Great for a super-affordable, natural-looking poster — this stock is normally used for letterhead printing. A thin, lightweight stock with 30% PCW from Responsibly Forested Paper, 96-brightness and acid free.

Card stocks have a luxurious feel when printed as posters, perfect to be framed and cherished as an artist/collector’s print. These thick papers are also great if you’ve been looking for a silk-screened poster aesthetic without the cost and limitations of silk-screening. 

  • 13 pt. Uncoated Card Stock Want to be super eco-friendly? Our 100% recycled stock is perfect when paired with our standard soy- and vegetable-based inks. Be advised that this stock is flecked throughout — which is typical of 100% recycled papers. It has an 88-brightness and is acid free.
  •  12 pt. Uncoated Card Stock The same great look of Uncoated Text-Weight (above) with the heavier card stock, for an amazing collector’s piece. 30% PCW from Responsibly Forested Paper, 93-brightness and acid free.
  •  12 pt. Gloss Card Stock A vibrant, glossy print on a heavy card stock. 10% PCW from Responsibly Forested Paper, 94-brightness and acid free.
  •  16 pt. Gloss Card Stock Wow that’s thick! A nice, sturdy option with a glossy, aqueous coating for a truly high-end collectors piece, with 94-brightness and acid free.
Coming soon, fine art glicee prints from Jakprints… Stay tuned for updates!

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