Design Spotlight:BBP Partners / Vita Visuals

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Sending out holiday cards can be surprisingly tricky. No one wants their cards to feel contrived, lost in a huge pile of generic, Happy-Holiday wishes. Recently Vita Visual and BBP Partners teamed up to create a piece that is sure to leave a lasting impression with their clients.

“You would never think an absolute, right-brained graphic designer to discover their career led them into the world of accounting,” exclaims Vital Visual owner Dede Vitrano. “Yet, some how, it’s the perfect match.” BBP Partners is, an up-and-coming public accounting and consulting firm with offices in Cleveland, OH, and Washington, D.C.

Vitrano met with Chris Brauser, an original partner at BBP,  to change the way the firm markets and associates with the industry and their clients. BBP was unhappy with the results of traditional marketing, the duo of Vitrano and Brauser developed a new strategy with a strong focus on personalized, mailers with lots of personality. “It’s a new partnership that has already shaken things up and created a wave with their clients,” says Vitrano.

  • Petal Envelopes

  • Stock:16 pt. Soft Touch
  • Finish Size:6.25 x 6.25
  • Inks:4/4
  • Sides:2
  • Extra: Sealed with a 1.5″ Circle Silver Foil Sticker

  • Scratch-Off Cards

  • Stock:12 pt. Gloss
  • Finish Size:3.5 x 2
  • Inks:4/4 + Scratch Off Foil
  • Sides: 2

  • Custom Favicards

  • Stock: 16 pt. Soft Touch
  • Finish Size: 2 x 2
  • Inks: 4/4
  • Sides: 2
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