Concert Posters – Text, Fonts and Rock and Roll

This post was published and formated for an old version of the blog.

The original idea behind this post was to scour the internet in search of some of the best designed concert posters out there in honor of Rock Hall Induction week, which is taking place here in Cleveland on Saturday. While researching, we remembered that our friends over at GoMedia posted an incredible collection of concert posters earlier this year on their awesome blog. So, instead of reinventing the wheel, we’re just going to point you in their direction. First, check out some of our personal favorites, then head on over and check out their full collection. (link after the gallery)


The Swell Season from DKNG Studios

The Black Keys by Kevin Tong

Broken Social Scene by Concepcion Studios

Eddie Vedder by Munk One

The Avett Brothers by ken Taylor

MeWithoutYou by Shed Labs

Guided by Voices by Aesthetic Apparatus

Check out the full post in all its glory at GoMediaZine.



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