Jakprints Loves Lil’ Bub

This post was published and formated for an old version of the blog.

Today we’re going to show a softer more sensitive side. Usually we’re pretty tough around here. We normally talk about projects like the awesome art of Derek Hess and printing apparel for The Black Dahlia Murder. But, today we’re pretty excited to talk about Lil’ Bub. When we first came across this sticker while looking through our samples, we found it to be equal parts hilarious and cute. So we did a little more digging, and much to our surprise, found out that not only is there an entire blog about the life of Lil’ Bub, but apparently it’s already very popular online.

On the Lil’ Bub tumblr, you’ll find tons of really funny pics, with questions from fans here and there. And of course, Bub is the one doing the answering. It’s Friday, are you really doing anything right now anyway? Get over to the Lil’ Bub site and get your warm fuzzies for the day. Check it out: bublog.tumblr.com

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