The 50/50 Show Was 100% Awesome

This post was published and formated for an old version of the blog.

Another 50/50 show is in the books. This is quickly becoming one of our favorite events in Cleveland. Where else can you find an all-star caliber collection of 50 of Cleveland’s best artists under one roof? And where else will you have the opportunity to purchase a piece of said collection for $50?

If you’re not familiar, The 50/50 Show is a pretty great idea. 50 artists contribute one piece of art to the show, all pieces are priced at $50. Attendees fill out raffle tickets for the pieces they like and a drawing is done to determine who the lucky winner will be. It’s a win-win for everybody, the artists are exposed to a much larger audience than they might otherwise be, and attendees can purchase great artwork at a lower rate then they would ever be able to in a normal gallery setting.

This year’s show took place at The Dredgers Union on East 4th and it was one of the best attended yet. Of course Jakprints was there and we got the chance to interview a handful of the artists. Watch the video below to see what these artists have to say about the 50/50 show, the Cleveland art scene and more.


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