HeadCount Reminds Us To Vote

This post was published and formated for an old version of the blog.

We got pretty excited when we noticed an Instagram photo of Kathy Griffin holding up the HeadCount Register to Vote clip-board. We got to print the custom full color vinyl stickers that they used for the clip-boards and we have to say it’s always great to see the final product out in the real world, doing what it was intended for.  HeadCount works hard to not only help people register to vote, but also provides information on where to vote, State election and voting information, event listings, volunteer info and so much more. They are an amazing resource for any information you need to vote and be heard.

But what is HeadCount?

HeadCount is a grassroots organization that uses the power of music to register voters and raise social consciousness. They aim to reach young people and music fans where they already are – at concerts, festivals and online. Their goal is to inform and empower musicians and fans with the knowledge that they can make a difference. Make sure you view their photo album on Facebook, tons of celebrities and musicians helping with the cause.

Tomorrow is voting day, so if you haven’t already don’t forget to hit the polls. Be heard and make a stand.

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