NLEFCF Embroidered Beanies

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We were not only excited, but proud to be a part of this year’s National Law Enforcement & Firefighters Children’s Foundation Thanksgiving Parade Breakfast.

The NLEFCF was created in the aftermath of 9/11 and serves the needs of children and families, nation wide, who have suffered a line of duty death, regardless of how long ago or how recent the loss. They are committed to a long-term assistance for the children of fallen heroes and support them through college scholarships, special needs grants and special family events.

To show our support we donated our Embroidery services to create 150 beanies for the Thanksgiving Parade Breakfast event. The breakfast event, held in Bryant Park, is free to the families where they share a hot breakfast together and front row viewing of The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. All proceeds from the event go to underwrite the ongoing Scholarships and Grant programs.

With some minor modifications to their logo we were able to create a custom embroidered logo at 4″ wide that is relatively close to their original design and maintaining a good amount of detail.

We are grateful to be a small part of this event and we hope everyone enjoys the Thanksgiving Parade Breakfast. Thank you to all of our Law Enforcement and Firefighters who risk their lives on a daily basis. Happy Thanksgiving!

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