Jakprints Employee Spotlight: LT Magnotto

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The Mixtape Casanova and DJ Kid Robot at The Avenue Taphouse in Lakewood, Ohio.


Jakprints employees are the best you can get! They’re hard working, dedicated and have mad skills, both on and off the clock. This months Jakprints Spotlight Employee is LT Magnotto!

For over 9 years, LT has worked as a Color Separation Specialist  in our Apparel Department. What does a Color Separation Specialist do, you ask? Well, in order to screen print a design on a t-shirt or other garment, the design must be broken down to the individual color components. The process of isolating each color is called, color separation. LT’ is on the Jakprints color separation team that makes this magic happen.

He was first introduced to us by renowned artist, longtime Jakprints customer and friend, Derek Hess. Before Jakprints, LT was working as a childcare provider at the YMCA. During that same time period, he was working  with Hess, assisting with the launch of  Strhess Clothing. Lucky for us, Derek recognized LT’s talents and introduced him to Jacob at Jakprints. It’s been a love affair ever since.

Music Saves, Champions of the Cleveland Softball league. 16 Wins, 0 Losses! (With Jakprints employee Blake Simone.)



Outside of Jakprints, LT brings the party! He gets down and dirty every summer 0n the Music Saves softball team, part of the Cleveland Softball League.

Side Note: We have our own awesome Jakprints softball team that battles LT’s team throughout the season.

In his spare time he also DJ’s under the alias, “The Mixtape Cassanova” with Rob Dorsey (a.k.a. DJ Kid Robot.)  every first Saturday of the month, at the Avenue Taphouse in Lakewood. If that’s not enough to fill his plate, his band, Above This Fire recently reunited and have plans to play out and tour this summer and fall.



We sat down with LT for a quick Q&A session last week. Here’s what we learned:


Q. Okay, lets get the question I’ve personally been wondering for years out of the way —- What does “LT” stand for?  Laurent. It’s my first name but I’ve always been simply “LT.”

Q. How long have you been  DJing around town? How did you get started?  I think it is coming up on 4 years now.  I started throwing a party at the Garage Bar (R.I.P.) called The Throwback Dance Party. I really had no idea what I was doing but the people loved it. It motivated me to get more into DJing. We would transform that place into the best dance party once a month. It really was something special. DJing was also the first time that I had ever gotten paid for a gig. I played in a band for 10+ years and never made a penny off of it. That still cracks me up.

Q. What are three things you cant live without?  The internet, coffee (Its my only true addiction other than digging vinyl) and pizza pie. I love it all.

Q. What was the first record you purchased with your own money? Bobby Brown’s “Dont Be Cruel” on cassette tape. I remember it was the most money I had ever spent on something.

Q. What’s the best thing about working at Jakprints?  I really appreciate the fact that I get to work for and with awesome like minded people. I’ve worked a lot of different jobs with people who i couldn’t relate to at all. I have a very special place in my heart for JP and my coworkers.

Want to know what LT’s listening to? Listen to his “latest digs” playlist on Spotify here!  Thanks to LT for sitting down with us and creating  this special playlist. We love our employees and we love what we do!

Above This Fire reunion show at the Grog Shop on January 19, 2013


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