Employee Spotlight – Michael “Mikey” Baranick

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Jakprints employees are the BEST you can get! They’re hard working, dedicated and have mad skills, both on and off the clock. This month’s Jakprints Employee Spotlight features Mikey Baranick! For almost 6 years, Mikey has worked as the Shipping Manager in our Apparel department. If you’ve ordered apparel and had it shipped, Mikey’s to thank for it’s safe arrival!

We sat down with Mikey for a quick Q&A session. Keep on scrollin’ down to learn what his bands are up to, find out who he’d like to have dinner with, and which super power he’d possess if given the opportunity!

What did you do before Jakprints?  I worked at the CD Game Exchange, was a security guard, along with a ton of other jobs.

Describe what you do at Jakprints. What’s your typical day?  The first half of the day is mainly spent running all over both Jakprints buildings, managing the high volume of receiving, outgoing recycling, deliveries and customer pick up orders.  The second half is shipping out finished products, running international and freight shipment quotes, solving any problems that may arise through our various carriers (UPS, FedEx, etc). Oh…and then more running (haha.) Most days ya get a workout.

 What’s the best thing about working here? All my co-worker friends. Oh, and the occasional free pizza 🙂

What are you working on outside of Jakprints? Music, music, music, and some more music. 

(Video: Megachurch performing outside The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum – August 2010, Summer in the City Concert Series)

Tell me what’s going on with your bands:  I’m currently in three bands. Megachurch (playing bass) will be writing our new record soon. The Safeties (playing guitar/lead vocals) are putting finishing touches on our first recording.  Classic Sand (where I play drums alongside fellow Jakprints buddy, Brandon Clark who plays bass.) will be opening the Torche show at the Grog Shop on June 5th. I also occasionally play bass in a Rudimentary Peni cover band called Oinko Blinko.

Where did the initial idea for Megachurch come from? I wanted to start a project with two bass players and a drummer. We got together and were surprised how well it sounded. Dan (Drums) and Brian (Bass) watched a TV show about the history of mega churches, that’s when they came up with the name. The satire premise / preacher samples came pretty naturally from there.Megachurch rocks the stage at Jakprints “Jak of All Trades Festival” (September 2011) Megachurch is: Mikey Baranick, Brian Michael Hill and Dan Price. Photo Credit: Mara Robinson

Tell me about your other hobbies. I’m a big film buff. I just like good writing, whether it’s in books, movies, music, or  television,  I’m there. Hanging out with my lovely fiance’, slowly trying to learn  to cook as awesome as she does.

Name three living people you’d want to have dinner with? Doug Stanhope, because he’s hilarious. John Darnielle, because he’s a genius. Christina Hendricks, cause I mean, c’mon duh.  🙂

If you could have one superpower, which would you choose? The ability to freeze time. Imagine all the naps you could have. OH MY GOD.

 Since you’re a big movie buff, if you could live the life of any character in a movie, which would you choose? Without a doubt, Clive Owen’s character in Shoot ‘Em Up.  Or wait, maybe “Ned the Head” in Groundhog Day, cause amirite or amirite? right. right.

Big thanks to Mikey for taking the time to answer our Q&A’s. If you’re in the Cleveland area, make sure to check out Mikey’s band, Classic Sand, opening for Torche  at the Grog Shop on June 5th.

( Jakprints 2012 Holiday Party)

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