Ingenuity Festival 2013 ~ Jakprints Sponsored Artists!

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A Cleveland favorite, Ingenuity Festival kicks off today! The fest takes place all weekend (September 20 – 22) at Docks 32 and 30 on the lakefront (North of FirstEnergy Browns Stadium and the Great Lakes Science Center.)

The festival is FREE and open to the public.  Two warehouses on the site will provide over 120,000 sq/ft of indoor space with ample outdoor space and stunning views of the city. Often described as a festival of art and technology, Ingenuity Fest is really about finding and celebrating truly passionate and engaged people using every tool at their disposal to explore and create.

Oh yeah… and they have a sweet lineup of live music, performance art, visual art, dance and cultural programming scheduled.

As you may already know, Jakprints was built by and for artists. We love what you do and we’re inspired every day by the creativity of the artists we work with. That’s why this year, we’ve decided to sponsor three talented artists involved in this year’s Ingenuity Festival. Their work pushes the creative limits and truly defines, ingenuity!

While you anxiously wait for the fest doors to open, take a minute to meet our Ingenuity Artists artists through these Jakprints Q&A artist interviews. We encourage you to meet them in person and explore their art and performances this weekend.

2013 Jakprints sponsored Ingenuity Festival artists are: George Kozmon, Pinch and Squeal and Guy-Vincent.

Meet George Kozmon 9-20-2013 9-09-55 AM

Q. Who are you and what do you do?

A. This sounds like the last time I was questioned by security… But seriously, I’m a full-time artist based in Cleveland, and have had the good fortune of my work being well received internationally both commercially and critically.

Q. So, you’re doing an 8’ x 80’ painting. Impressive!  Tell us, how you plan to cover this massive space? Is there a plan?

A. The idea was to construct a curved wall to really create that sense of panorama, with the canvas stretched on it. Scale has always been important to my images, and in more recent explorations as a part of my Mountain Series. I’m reflecting on the sense of awe we feel when when physically experiencing a primal environment like Alpine Tundra. There is a plan (with flexibility built in.) Months ago I compiled sketches and photographs, researched mountains, reviewed previous paintings and drawings to eventually come up with an image that would work in the extreme proportion I’d chosen. Since then, I’ve played around with dozens of variations on the composition using Photoshop. The final work will be based on the marquette (which Jakprints printed photo images of), but will evolve as I go.

Q. What’s your background? 

A. I was grew up here in Cleveland but lived in Switzerland for several years as a child. That’s where my love of snow, ice and altitude comes from. Always fanatical about art-making, I graduated from the Cleveland Institute of Art. A great school, and have built my career exhibiting my work in galleries, museums, and academic venues.

Over the years I’ve broadened my experience with teaching (CWRU, CIA, CMA, Orange Art Center), owned and operated a fine art gallery (Thrive an Artspace), am an independent curator, and have been the Director of the Cain Park Art Festival for nearly 2 decades. Damn, I’m old…

Q. What art / artist (visual or performance) do you most identify or find inspiring with?

A. It’s hard to get specific. My friends and peers inspire me. Museums and galleries and art expos stimulate the critical analysis aspect of art. A great variety of music is inspirational, from classical to rock. The evolution of film…The list is endless.

I’m also inspired by the images I depict; mountains are awesome in the deepest sense of that word, both visually and experientially. Their power, beauty, and enormity are humbling.

Q.  What memorable responses have you had to your work?

A.  When I did architecture-based images my dad would repeatedly point out the glaring inaccuracies of my use of perspective, despite my explanations of intended distortions. He (and later others) appreciated the games I would play bending the rules for my own purposes. As my work grew I built on those early lessons of depicting recognizable subjects from odd vantage points, or using unusual materials, or re-contextualizing by virtue of scale, and ultimately bridging classical art traditions with contemporary explorations.

Q. What are you looking forward to checking out at Ingenuity this year?

A. That’s like the inspiration question…My friend Guy-Vincent is creating Vine videos on-site, and has composed a 30 minute video of accumulated Vines (six second videos) which will be projected on a large screen. That will be way cool. Other artist friends are doing amazing projects I’m salivating to see. In essence the total event has a vibe that’s full of creative energy. That’s partly why I wanted to paint on-site, to feed off of and contribute to that energy.

Q. What’s your personal definition of Ingenuity?

I think its a marriage of intellect and the creative urge.


Meet Pinch and Squeal!


Q. Who are you and what do you do?

A. Husband and wife team Jason and Danielle Tilk.  Jason is an Industrial designer by day, magician and accordion player by night. Danielle is a school administrator, cabaret performer, banjolele player and nut ball.  Both of them form the vaudeville duo Pinch and Squeal and parents of two girls!

Q. Tell us, what can we expect from Pinch & Squeal at Ingenuity?

A. We have traveled extensively over the past 4 years with our act, and have met amazing performers along the way. We dreamed of having our own venue to showcase all of these amazing people from around Cleveland and beyond. With the help of Ingenuity labs and Kickstarter we have created a 65 seat, extravagant traveling theater tent! Full lights, sound, lush curtains and entertainment in front, side and sometimes above you. The outside of the tent is covered in art work (printed by Jakprints!)  by Craig Worrell who has done work for Ingenuity for the past 3 years.

Q. What’s your background?

A.  Jason (Pinch) has a life long background in music and in art. He graduated from CIA majoring in glass and moving on to design for GM until he moved back to Cleveland to become senior designer at Nottingham Spirk Design. Jason has co-directed many events in Cleveland including Dr Sketchy, Cleveland Iditorod, and Santa-Con. Jason personally designed the VoixdeVille

Danielle (Squeal) has spent her life in theatre, film and dance. She has been a dance instructor and choreographer for 13 years. A costume designer, musician and singer she has worked along side James Krouse for the past 2 years for the Bal Ingenieux (Ingenuity Festivals annual fund raising gala) creating costumes, choreographing dance numbers and organizing the variety show.

Q. What art / artist (visual or performance) do you most identify or find inspiring with? 

A. That’s hard to pinpoint to one genre for us!!  We are inspired by old British comedians and musicians (Colin Crompton, Tommy Cooper, George Formby) American Classics: Martin and Lewis, Shaw & Lee and magicians such  Slydini and classic circus performers. We adore European cabaret and Japanese Kabuki as well

Q. What memorable responses have you had to your work?

A. Someone gifted us a glass eye!  We’ve been compared to Burns and Allen by Jim Rose, Leon Redbone asked us to open a show of his and best of all the unbelievable performers we’ve become life long friends with.

Q. What are you looking forward to checking out at Ingenuity this year?

A. Personally we like to find the “little guys” the ones tucked away in a new spot with amazing ideas. Its like treasure hunting! Its a lot to take in and we LOVE every second of it!

Q. What’s your personal definition of Ingenuity? 

A. Bringing your inspirations and thoughts to life! They don’t have to change the world or anything at all..Creations can simply add joy to life such as a home made kazoo! Ingenuity is sharing ideas and inspiring people. Giving people ideas from your own and sharing creativity.  Ingenuity is creating something from a beginning thought.. that can help the world or make you laugh!


Meet Guy-Vincent














Q.  Who are you and what do you do?

A. My name is Guy-Vincent and I’m an interdisciplinary artist who has studios in Cleveland, Miami and New York.  My work has been exhibited and collected in Germany, Italy, Brazil, Israel, Norway and throughout the United States.  My current work merges film, social media platforms and site-specific installations.

Q. What can we expect to see from you at Ingenuity this weekend?

A. I’m very excited to be invited as one of this years featured artists at Ingenuity.  It’s been a pleasure working with Ingenuity’s director, James Krouse and others who are all making this exhibition possible.  I’m presenting “Symbolic Logic” a multi-screen video installation of work based upon videos that were created for Vine.  The film is comprised of over 400 six-second videos that I’ve created between March and September 2013.  The featured film takes a chronological look at videos created during this time period, which includes experimental as well as, final uploaded videos.  The subject matter ranges from my Symbol Art, water, dream-sequences, and imagery to some of my mixed media artwork. During Ingenuity I’ll be creating, documenting my experience with videos that I’ll be uploading to my Vine account.

Q. Your twitter art is pretty incredible. What made you start designing on Twitter?

A. Thank you very much.  Once I was introduced to Twitter back in 2009 I started exploring its possibilities as a result of its inherent 140 character limitations.  During that process I began incorporating abstract content and designs.  I was fascinated with creating a Twitter stream that would appear to jump off of the screen.  I did this by integrating various glyphs, Unicode elements and large areas of negative space, this effect would drastically transform the appearance of the standard text only tweet.  In 2010 I decided to refer to this work as “Symbol Art” because I felt that it more accurately defined this type of art. (See his Twitter designs here)

Q. What’s your background?

A. I’ve always had the desire to create things, whether it was a drawing, painting, poetry, or making music.  In addition to being a fine artist, I’ve played in an original band, worked as an art consultant, independent curator and gallery owner.  Exhibitions in Europe have played a significant role in the development of my visual language.  It has provided me with an aesthetic bridge between various cultures and communities.  I think that has helped my “Symbol Art” connect to so many people outside of the United States.

Q. What art / artist (visual or performance) do you most identify or find inspiring with?

A. My inspiration comes from numerous sources and many different mediums.  I’m currently revisiting the early purveyors of concrete poetry and reading works by the Japanese poet Basho. I’m also studying the history of filmmaking looking back at the various innovators, techniques and artistic movements throughout the evolution of film.

Q.  What memorable responses have you had to your work?

A. Hahaha…that’s an excellent question. There have been quite a few memorable responses; the majority of them positive.  In all seriousness, responses that are most memorable to me are the ones from individuals who’ve told me that my work has inspired them or how they feel it’s been vital in redefining the world around them.  It’s absolutely humbling and rewarding experience to know that by creating and sharing artwork one could positively impact individuals anywhere around the world.

Q. What are you looking forward to checking out at Ingenuity this year?

A.  I’m looking forward to the entire experience and creative atmosphere. I’m also excited to meet artists whose work I may have not had the opportunity to view in person.  I’m anxious to see the massive 80′ panoramic mountain painting by George Kozmon, as well as, the many performances and installations.  Events like Ingenuity are extremely vital for cities to cultivate and showcase innovative art, technology, and performances from artists around the world.  I’m excited to be featured in such a prestigious and innovative event.

Q. What’s your personal definition of Ingenuity?

A. For me the term Ingenuity refers to the ability to be  inventive using whatever materials are available to you.  There is no substitute for imagination, persistence and vision.  That’s why I enjoy creating works on Twitter and Vine.  Both platforms have inherent limitations, but it’s precisely because of these limitations that we have an opportunity to create work that would otherwise not be pushed to the highest possible levels.

Here are a few behind the scenes, sneak peek photos of some of the pieces that we printed for these artists. You’ll see these vinyl banners, T-Shirts and other custom printed items proudly displayed throughout Ingenuity Festival 2013.  See you there!


450034-Pinch-And-Squeak-Banners 450040-Pinch-And-Squeal-Banners-Hotdogs-OhBoy 450050-Pinch-And-Squeak-Bottom-Marquee 450050-Pinch-And-Squeak-Bottom-Marquee-detail1

Ingenuity Festival 2012 Hours

Friday 5PM – 1AM / Saturday Noon – 1AM / Sunday Noon – 6PM

For a full schedule of events and more information, visit the official Ingenuity Festival website here. 

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