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Screen Printing has a long and storied history that spans over 1,000 years of artistic and industrial pursuits. In the western world during the 1930’s the term “Serigraphy” popped up to denote when the process was being used toward a creative end. Artists like Warhol and Lichtenstein helped to strengthen the interest in screen printed artwork, utilizing the process throughout the Pop Art movement. Meanwhile, advertisers and promoters were using screen printing techniques to their own ends creating marketing materials for products, services, conventions and sporting events.

Summahfest-Poster-Dave-KlocThen one magical day in the 60’s somebody with marketing savvy, a creative mind and a dash of Rock’n’Roll created a concert poster…not quite a flyer and not quite a painting, but a Rock Poster. These posters became popular enough to draw their own fans and have remained collectible since then.

In the following decades artists and designers have branched out beyond working with only musicians and venues to produce some of the coolest screen printed posters around. One collaboration style th

at we can’t get enough of is when our favorite designers pair up with a comedian or comedy clubs. In recent years some of our favorites have included our good friend Aaron Sechrist (OK Pants), Barry Blankenship (Barry The Art Guy), James Fosdike (Visualante) and Michael King (Velveteen Robot).

We recently reached out to an illustrator and screen printer who has our utmost respect, Dave Kloc. Dave is as hard working as they come. Not only does he create posters for the likes of John Roy, Jim Gaffigan, and Howard Kremer‘s “SummahFest”, but he’s also the man behind the weekly posters for the Meltdown show at the NerdMelt Showroom in Los Angeles. If you aren’t familiar, the Meltdown is a weekly comedy showcase hosted by Jonah Ray and Kumail Nanjiani where the very best comedians can be found performing. Meltdown has become so well revered that Comedy Central has picked the show up as a series.

Dave’s style is perfect for screen printed posters. He combines graphic design, traditional rock poster elements, and a whole lot of surreal imagery. His illustrations tell single-frame stories and often imply some kind of movement like clashing beasts, rides on a water slide or people who are literally unraveling. We highly recommend you check out Dave’s work and if you’re in the Los Angeles area, you should definitely go to a Meltdown show, enjoy some comedy and grab a print.

Screen printed poster for Meltdown by Dave Kloc   Screen printed poster for Meltdown by Dave Kloc   Screen printed poster for Meltdown by Dave Kloc

Jakprints is happy to announce that we now offer  Screen Printed Poster services. We can print up to four colors on premium French paper at 11×17” or 18×24”. We have a large selection of standard inks and can accommodate color matches or halftone screens. To make sure we were up to the task, we asked Dave to send us some artwork to print. His illustration did not disappoint. As you can see below, it’s a 3-color print with a Deep Blue, Metallic Gold with a Pantone matched Teal, set to overprint with some pretty fine lines.

Screen printed posters. Art by Dave Kloc. Printed at Jakprints

Detail of poster printed for Dave KlocDetail image of poster printed for Dave Kloc


Check out to see more of Dave’s awesome work.

Check out Dave Kloc’s guest appearance on the Professor Blastoff Podcast.

Get your very own custom Screen Printed Posters for your next show and create a collectible print your fans will love! So tell us, what’s your favorite show poster out there?

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