Origin Story – Limited Edition Posters

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Origin Story - Limited Edition Posters

Like any business, Jakprints started off small and grew over the years finding successes wherever elbow grease can be applied.  And like any business, the early stages were made easier by the helping hands of friends.  The first shirts at Jakprints were baked in parents ovens…we’ve come a long way since then. In the spirit of that same generosity, Jakprints has always strived to support independent and creative projects in hopes that others can find those same successes.

With the advent of Kickstarter and IndieGoGo campaigns, it’s easier than ever to reach out, get help and spread your passion projects out to the masses. One project that we’re excited to see come to fruition is an IndiGoGo campaign for the documentary film: Origin Story.

Kulap Vilaysack is an actress, comedian, podcaster and newly minted director.  She’s made appearances on The Office, The Sarah Silverman Program, Childrens Hospital, Bob’s Burgers and many others.  You can also hear what she thinks of the week’s music and movie charts on her popular podcast “Who Charted?” with her co-host Howard Kremer. For weekly listeners of her podcast, Kulap’s story has unfolded over nearly 4 years.  Recently she embarked on a journey to learn more about her family and her self.  Though the laughs are a typical part of her persona, Origin Story will show a newer personal and more vulnerable side of her story.  Check out the trailer here:

We’re excited for the opportunity to print posters for her IndieGoGo rewards.  These 11 x 17 inch posters are offset printed on 100 lb. Gloss Text paper and the reward (at $100) comes with some other cool perks including a digital download of the film after completion. If you’re looking for more than a poster, other rewards include guest appearances on several podcasts as well as the opportunity to appear on IFC’s Comedy Bang! Bang!….that’s right, you can deliver a line of dialogue on a real life television show!

If you haven’t heard it before, check out the Who Charted Podcast.

And of course, head on over to Kulap’s IndieGoGo campaign HERE and lend a helping hand. If you need artwork printed we’ve got posters in all sorts of styles.

Check out our Offset Posters, Screen Printed Posters and Giclee Art Prints to Create Yours Now!™ If you’ve got a project you’re passionate about, tell us all about it below.

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