Customer Spotlight: Love Haiti Fund

Customer Spotlight: Love Haiti Fund


We LOVE our customers and the fantastic work they do! This week, we caught up with local customer Jeremiah Burris, founder of the Love Haiti Fund, to find out more about his organization and what they’re up to.

Jeremiah started the Love Haiti Fund in January 2012 with a goal “to create a culture of giving and revive the nation of Haiti.”

I realized how much needed to be done and how many people were not doing it,” he said. “I noticed that the people trying to help never paid attention to what really was needed, they just were doing what they thought Haiti needed which hurts more than helps.” Since its inception, Love Haiti has raised thousands of dollars to feed, educate and provide medical care to numerous Haitians, and even helped to send 60 Haitian orphans to school.




Jeremiah and his team of volunteers visit Haiti twice a year. In addition to providing assistance, they’ve been filming short documentaries:

One of the highlights for Jeremiah is throwing beach parties, complete with hot dogs and hamburgers!


“It might sound unimportant, but the sense of empowerment and hope the parties provide for people who are starving is priceless.”

Love Haiti’s latest project: transforming a watercolor painting onto a t–shirt.

“The painting was made by an artist I grew up with named Caitlin O’Connor, a good friend of mine and my favorite artist. Her inspiration came from the documentaries; I asked her to watch all four parts of our documentary then paint the images that stuck out to her the most. My interpretation of it is the bright future of a Haitian child that is going to grow up in a beautiful Haiti that will be flourishing with color.”


This shirt, along with other apparel, will be available for purchase via the Love Haiti Fund store on October 10.

Jeremiah said his favorite part of Haitian culture is their resilience and love for life. They’re a daily inspiration to him. “In a nation where most live off less than a dollar daily, it’s crazy to see people that are happier than many Americans. I’ve met some of the most brilliant people in my life there, but they are starving. I know if I can give them the tools necessary to be great, they will.”

You can connect with Love Haiti on:

Facebook: Love Haiti Fund

Twitter: @LoveHaitiFund

Instagram: @lovehaitifund

YouTube: Love Haiti Fund

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