Business Cards We Love

Business Cards We Love

Here at Jakprints we love looking at all the great ideas that our customers come up with. Check out these phenomenal Business Cards that have crossed over our desk recently.


1. We love the look of this 16 pt. Soft Touch Business Card. The sleek design pairs perfectly with our Soft Touch coating — it gives paper a satin finish and a touchable, rubbery feel. Their use of gold foil stamping keeps it both simple and elegant. Every detail is covered in this design, even the slight rounded corners to soften the look of the final piece. Marvelous! 


2. Our friends over at Inked Glass really wanted to make their artwork pop. With the use of a custom die line and neon green painted edges they definitely have a card you won’t forget.


3. 34 pt. Business Cards with pink painted edges stand out in the sea of cheap, flimsy cards. let each employee have their own unique image — it’s a great way to let employees show off their personality. These are sure to be remembered.


4. These tiny lion head Business Cards are absolutely adorable. The strong illustration printed on at a small size with 34 pt. stock give these an unforgettable coin-like vibe. Plus, the vibrant painted edge really reinforces their brand.


5. Designer Chris Bruhn kept his cards simple but bold! Red and black on 16 pt. Soft Touch with rounded edges. The red painted edges are such a close match to the card it looks like it was printed on red paper!


6. These Folded Business Cards for Bamboo have twice the space for pictures or text! Printed on 13 pt. Uncoated Stock for a more natural look.

Our 13 pt. stock is 100% recycled and is ideal if you need to write on your cards. The gloss coating on many papers makes it difficult to write on with pens or pencils.


7. created this cool Die Cut Business Card in the shape of a camera. With the illusion of an old SLR lens, the die-cut hole makes it look like the lens is popping out.


These are just a few ideas to get you started on your next Business Card venture. Check out the full line of options that we offer here.




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