Targeted Business Cards

Targeted Business Cards

Because we could.

This is the answer to the inevitable “why we did it” that you will ask. We were sitting around and wanted to really show the difference that paper stock can make. Sure, we could have pulled out our micrometer and made some charts. But, does the internet really need more infographs right now?

Instead, we dreamed up a way to shoot stuff with guns and write it off as a marketing expense. Is it scientific? Not a chance. But, it is awesome. (Sorry nerds, rule of cool wins every time.) We packed up the Jakprints-mobile with some camera equipment, two sets of business cards (one primo-quality stock we printed, the other internet cheap paper from a competitor) and went to a local shooting range.

The results speak for themselves.

In case you had any (legitimate) questions, we covered the ins, outs and terminology of Business Cards here. Also, it’s worth reposting this image to show the difference between quality and crappy printing:

Cheap Business Cards

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