Painted Edge Business Cards

Painted Edge Business Cards

Business cards are a fantastic way to get creative when promoting and marketing yourself. Sure, if you’re a Wall Street banker you’ll want to stick with a subtle off-white coloring, tasteful thickness, maybe even a watermark– but we think you’re looking for something a little more… cutting edge.


Get out there and create fresh opportunities for yourself with our ultra-thick paper stocks and edge painting where you can actually color the cut edges of your custom business cards. Using a blend of pigments, deionized water and minotaur fluff, painting one of 20 colors onto the edge of your business card is super easy. With that many colors to choose from — including ultra-vibrant fluorescents and tasteful metallics — you’re sure to find the right option for your brand.


Now, when considering the possibilities of a painted edge business card, keep in mind that this works best with thick paper stocks. While thinner papers (12 pt. and 13 pt. card stocks) look nice in stacks, your bold colors wont stand out on individual cards. For best results, you’ll want to stick with the thick 16+ pt. card stocks. It’s also good to remember that with large quantity orders, there may be very slight color variances from one card to the next.


So, if you’re simply showing off your card to a friend or furthering your business with a client, painted edge business cards are sure to help you make a visually striking impression. Always keep in mind that the most integral aspect of your business card is that it successfully represents your brand. If you’re looking for an interesting way to accomplish that, the painted edge will have you covered, literally.


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