Pocket Sized Solutions for On-The-Go Ideas

Pocket Sized Solutions for On-The-Go Ideas


For years you’ve been lugging around a composition notebook, maybe that’s what you used in college to keep all your ideas and designs in. It’s an old favorite but maybe not completely practical for ideas that come to you while you’re on the go. What you need is something smaller, pocket sized. There are small notebook options out there but many make you skimp on quality or customization, which isn’t what you need when you’re looking for a creative outlet.

Our Custom Notebooks have 48 pages of unabashed creative space with a completely unbranded cover! Printed with pristine quality and full color, these tiny notebooks will turn heads at trade shows or provide your employees some unity around the office.

Completely Unbranded Cover?

Yes! Other brands offering pocket sized notebooks put their name all over them. These notebooks are completely blank so you can put whatever you want on them without needing to work around someone else’s logo.
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Choose from one of the 5 cover stocks to completely customize your Pocket Note. Maybe an edgy black with a bold design or kraft stock for a more rustic look:

  • 100# Gloss – light-weight medium gloss
  • 12 pt Gloss – standard-weight gloss
  • 100# Kraft – natural colored paper
  • 100# Black – medium-weight stock paper
  • 110# Pearlescent – medium-weight card stock with a pearly sheen

Covers can be printed single or double sided for our colored stocks, 5th color white comes standard so don’t worry about muddy or faded images. For the best results, we suggest you use our templates to make sure your art prints just the way you want it to.

48 Pages of Unabashed Creative Space?

You betcha! With that many pages, these little notebooks give your old compositions a run for their money.

The interior pages are made from 60# uncoated text-weight paper and comes with three interior page styles: choose from blank, lined or gridded pages. Pages are bound together with quality saddle stitching with two metal staples, so your ideas (your client’s, your team’s) aren’t going anywhere.

Pocket Note size example

Are They Really Pocket Sized?

When folded, these little fellas are 3.875’’ x 5.5’’ — that’s just slightly wider than that iPhone you’ve got hanging around. Plus, it looks way cooler than an iPhone because it’s completely customized for your brand. Even our larger ‘Pro Note’ sizes still fit perfectly in your pocket – Especially if you’re trying to bring back JNCO Jeans.

Size Comparison of Pocket Notes and Pro Notes

Who Needs em’?

You need em’! Not convinced yet about all the wonders Pocket Notes can betroth your brand? Here’s how some are already putting these little ledgers to work for them:

Your fans write stuff too, maybe you have noticed. Pockets notes make awesome merch because of their totally brand-able surface. Print these in full color with your band’s logo as a reminder your fans can carry around with them.

Any creative knows the worst thing in the world is losing an idea because you have no where to write it down. Don’t let this happen to you!

100# Gloss pocket note

We even use them! Pocket Notes are some of our favorite freebies to pass out at trade shows (for more about trade show pass-outs, check out this guest blog we did on Go Media’s ‘Zine: Don’t Make Squiggliepoo). Pass them out to people who stop by your booth at trade shows so they can take notes on speakers and take down contact information. They make your brand not only useful but it keeps your brand in the hands of the people you most want to reach.

Durable pocket note example


We’ve also been using them around the office to keep organized. Walk through our office and you’re sure to see a few of these tucked in by monitors or shoved in back pockets. We use them to sketch out ads before we turn to our screens, keeps lists of things to do, make paper airplanes to boost morale. The options are practically endless.

Get started on your own right now. You can download a template here for any of our color stocks and contact us if you have any questions about Pocket Notes, Pro Notes or any of our other products.

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