Unique & Innovative Screen Printed Poster Designs

Unique & Innovative Screen Printed Poster Designs

Screen printed posters are some of the coolest promotional and collectible pieces bands and brands can make. Musicians, take advantage of one of a kind art your fans will want to collect. Brands, benefit from eye catching art that promotes your message while giving consumers something more than plain old advertisements to look at. You can use screen printed posters to elevate your brand by creating art instead of standard promo flyers.

Here are 10 artists that use screen printing to create stunning original artwork as well as art to promoting bands, events, businesses.

food truck posters1. BLDG teamed with the City of Covington to advertise their Food Truck Invasion event. They also took this opportunity to promote the city’s brand as a destination for art, culture and entertainment.


peterpan screen print 2. Dana Tanamachi-Williams created these screen printed posters for Penguin Publishers to help promote the latest printing of classic stories. She used slightly transparent inks on black paper to make the art look like chalk drawings. This effect works really well with white ink, find out more about designing with white ink here!


the national screen print3. Spike Press created a gig poster for The National using a limited color pallet to create a simple but visually eye catching design.


Dracula Poster4. Martin Ansin created a series of commemorative posters for classic films. This poster used black and silver metallic ink to create a multidimensional, eerie poster that is as much art as it is advertisement.


dinosaur jr screen printed poster5.  Mark McDevitt of Methane Studios created this vibrant four-color screen printed gig poster for Dinosaur Jr.

Using Screen printing as a medium doesn’t necessarily mean your art has to be confined to a limited number of colors. With halftones and bit mapping, a limited number of colors can look like a huge spectrum. If you’re not sure how it works, give us a call and we can discuss your designs and what we can do to make your art work.


amy hood screen printed poster6. Using a limited number of colors to focus on bold shapes creates this visually stunning piece by Amy Hood. She also signed and numbered each print by hand to make each print more unique and collectible.


The Warriors poster7. Geometric shapes and metallic and black inks in this design show off the detail possible with screen printing. This Warriors movie poster by Eric Tan and Tyler Stout revitalizes a classic movie for a modern audience to create excitement for a showing at a local theater.


richey beckett poster8. This print by Richey Beckett uses a six color screen print with metallic gold ink. He takes advantage of the Cream Speckletone French Paper and works it into his design.

Don’t forget to take into consideration the paper and medium you are printing on while you are designing. Different stocks can drastically change the look of your art, to see how inks will look on your choice of colored paper, look here.


dead weather poster bitmapping 9. Bit mapping was used to create this two tone screen print by Robert Lee of Methane Studios. Making the blacks and grays look more dynamic and dramatic without weighing down the paper with unnecessary ink.


ninja turtles screen printing example10. This Ninja Turtle promotional poster by Tom Whalen uses bright colors to make this dramatic poster kid friendly while still looking dynamic and intense.

Classic Screen Prints:

Screen printing has been gaining in popularity since Andy Warhol began using it for his famous Pop Art silk screens in the ’60s. Now, screen printing has the vintage feel people love while still offering crisp, vibrant prints. These artists were some of the first to explore the range of possibilities for screen printing.

Andy Warhol

Marilyn Diptych by Andy Warhol


Marilyn Diptych, 1962

Roy Litchtestein 

Drowning Girl print


Drowning Girl, 1963

Sister Mary Corita Kent

Sister Mary Corita Kent


The Juiciest Tomato of All, 1964


Screen Printed Posters are a unique and interesting way to create both art and promotional materials. Expand your design by experimenting with different types of inks and paper stocks and other upgrades to create truly one of a kind pieces. Visit our website for more information about Screen Printed Posters from Jakprints and get started creating your own!

If you have any questions about what we offer or how to have your art screen printed, contact us!


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