10 Creative Designs Using Embroidery

10 Creative Designs Using Embroidery

Embroidery is a unique and creative way to add special details to all kinds of apparel and accessories! With unique threads and effects to enhance designs, embroidery is becoming more and more popular. Here are some artists and designers who are trying new ways to use embroidery in their work:


5 panel metallic embroidery example1. Designer Fitted Hawaii worked with New Era to create these printed 5 Panel hats. The embroidery uses silver metallic, as well as solid colored thread, to create the shark design. They aren’t the only brand featuring them, 5 Panel hats are major staples for today’s hottest designers.


59fifty embroidery example2. New Era created this line of Simpsons themed snapbacks on their iconic 59/50 caps using embroidery on both the front and side of the hat. New Era recently released a customizable version of this cap, the New Era 400 which is available for custom embroidery from Jakprints.


mixed media embroidery on paper example3. Embroidery is even being used in art. This mixed media piece by Mona Karaivanova uses bright and florescent cotton thread to create this effect.


OBEY embroidery example4. Streetwear giant, OBEY, uses a metallic orange thread to give dimension to this simple block letter design.


varying thread width example5.  Apparel brand, Kenzo, creates a incredible detail with embroidery in this design. By using multiple types of threads with varying line widths, they are able to create an eye catching design without weighing down the sweatshirt fabric with excess thread.


pinzur patch example6. This space explorer patch by Julie Pinzur uses florescent threads to create a vibrant design that stands out against the dark background. Thin lines and details, like the outlines on the astronaut, are still replaceable for simple designs like this.


snapback rear embroidery7. Streetwear brand, HUF created these embroidered snapbacks. While both the front and side of this hat feature embroidered designs, the embroidered text over the snap makes this hat unique.


patch embroidery example8. This “Old Smokey” design by Derrik Castle features some of the thinnest lines possible with embroidery. The effect gives an extremely detailed, almost hand drawn, look to this design. He uses gold and silver metallic thread gives the illusion of depth without the design looking too heavy.


3D embroidery with foam example9. Adidas uses a 3D embroidery effect and mulit-colored threads here to create this vibrant Knicks design. 3D embroidery is a formed foam that can be embroidered over to create the raised look. This custom effect works best for designs that are solid and bold without thin lines for fine details.


high fashion couture embroidery 10. Embroidered apparel is everywhere, including high end runway shows. This embroidered top by Alberta Ferretti uses fluorescent and polyester threads to create a stunning design.


With custom embroidery from Jakprints, you can create designs like these on dozens of apparel stocks in nearly any color. We offer specialty threads and effects that will get your unique creations noticed. Unfortunately, we don’t make patches but, these designs were too sweet not to include. However, you can create designs similar to them on a huge selection of apparel options.

For more information about how to design for embroidery, what threads we offer and more, check out our post: How to Get the Most out of Custom Embroidery.

Do you have an idea but you’re not sure how it will translate to embroidery? Give us a call and we can talk though any ideas and questions you have!

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