Printing for a DIY Wedding

Printing for a DIY Wedding

Everyone loves having the ability to control their plans. That way you know you’re getting what you want, when and how you want it — at your discretion. Utilizing DIY is a great way to have this same control over your wedding and still get a high-quality outcome, without having to hire someone to do it for you.

If you truly go all out with DIY, it’s not only cheaper but more importantly — you’re getting free reign on creativity. With all of the options out there for DIY projects, your print materials for your wedding can be as unique as you are.

The Invitation

Every wedding starts with a great invitation. They should showcase your personalities and set the tone for the ceremony. Going the DIY route can result in unique invites. This way, you have total control what’s going to be included in your invitation and associated products.

If you don’t want to have a standard white invitation, you can utilize one of the 10 color options available for French Paper invitations. When using a colored stock, you can show off your eccentric personality or apply a color scheme to your wedding. Try getting inspired by the possibilities of different paper and ink combinations! Check out our color guide to help you plan.


If you feel like your original design is missing something, adding foil accents or embossing to the invitation will supply the right amount of class.

Your invitation isn’t the stopping point for what needs to be included in the invite package. There are other elements that should be accounted for when sending out announcement sets to your guests:

  • Envelopes – The size of the envelope is adjustable depending on the size of your invite. These come with one or two color printing for a simple, yet sophisticated graphic. You can add accents that bring harmony to the entire set.
  • Reply Cards – In order to know who is going to be coming to your wedding, adding reply cards to your invite package is another way to employ those personalized touches and receive your RSVPs.

wedding invite 2


The Reception

Since you’ve alerted your friends and family, there are other items that are worth custom printing as well. It’s time to celebrate your new life – and the perfect opportunity to show off your creativity.

  • Coasters — Coasters aren’t just for keeping rings off of the table. By incorporating customized coasters into your reception plan, you’re driving home that cute personal touch every time someone takes a drink.
  • Banners — You can hang a custom banner outside of the chapel to inform guests that they have found the correct place.
  • Stationery — Carry your fine personal details to the guest book where people are signing in upon arrival with custom stationery. The little details are what will impress your guests.

Planning a wedding yourself doesn’t mean you have to cut out the little things at your ceremony. With DIY, you can get still get creative, inventive and utilize different options to your heart’s content. It’s your day — it only makes sense to have things the way you want.

Jakprints is here to help you every step of the way. We have many products that you can incorporate into your big day like preserving your memories forever with giclee printing. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us or request a quote for your order!

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