Promoting On A Budget

Promoting On A Budget

You’re working hard to put yourself out there, but if you’re a new brand–advertising can prove to be a lot more expensive than you thought. You’re not even sure where to begin promoting, especially in a cheap manner that won’t bleed you dry. All you have to do is create promotional products that won’t cost a fortune.

We like to have the opportunity to not only help our clients grow but grow with them. With printing, you can always adjust the specs of what you need to be printed so it can fit any budget–you can get your money’s worth and start building sales.


flyer example

A trusty method of promoting: Custom flyers are a foolproof way to brand in excess on the cheap. Store windows, car windshields, and telephone poles are just the beginning; your only limit is the size of your street team.

Our flyers come in 18 sizes and 12 stocks–so you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for. Flyers are printed double sided with full color and full bleed. Our smartest option comes in at 4″ x 6″ on 100# gloss stock which gets you 5000 flyers for $99. That’s like paying only 2¢ per flyer. This is a small, affordable investment for something that is great for building a business. 

To ensure your final product is as great as you imagined it, make sure you design your flyer with one of our premade templates.


postcard example

Postcards are a perfect way to ensure your company’s advertisements and announcements actually make it to your audience’s home guaranteeing that your target customers will see your marketing campaign because it will be in their mailbox. 

With custom postcard printing, we have seven standard sizes that are already approved for our Direct Mail services. Our postcards also come double sided, with the smartest option coming on a 12 pt. gloss stock. This brings you 5000 4″ x 6″ ready-to-mail postcards for only $199.


poster example 2

Posters are the perfect bulk project. Whatever you’re using the poster for–you’ll be able to grab the attention of the public. Having posters up in everyday places is a good way to gain potential clients that didn’t even know they needed your service in the first place.

Coming in 10 different sizes, finding the correctly sized stock for your custom poster all depends on what you need and want to spend. Available in single and double-sided options, there is no limit for your advertising needs. With the double-sided option, you can print one advertisement on each side to be prepared for a future sale to save time and money. On the 100# gloss stock, you can print 1000 11″ x 17″ single-sided posters for only $249.

No matter what product you decide to use in order to advertise your company, Jakprints is here to make the process a little bit easier. We can help with all of your printing needs, no penny pinching needed. All of these options are available and able to be customized through our website.

Make sure to contact us if you have any questions concerning our full-color printing options or if you have an order size not listed on our website–we’d love to work with you.

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