Sticker Types

Sticker Types

So you want some rad custom stickers, (who doesn’t?) but you’re not quite sure which sticker is going to be best for you? Well, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled a list of common questions that can quickly guide you to the right type of sticker sticker for your needs so you don’t find yourself in a sticky situation.

Custom printed stickers

Quantity? A lot or a little?

The first questions to answer on the path to the sticker of your dreams.

Roll Stickers which come in high quantities are the most economical option. These stickers are available on a variety of substrates such as clear, white and yellow vinyl, paper and foil stocks. Typically clocking in around 10-20 cents per sticker these will be the most inexpensive option for larger quantities of 500 or more.

Low quantity orders are better suited for the individually-sheeted Full Color Vinyl Stickers as they’re digitally produced on single sheets and available in custom quantities (standard quantities start at 100). While they’re also available in standard quantities (up to 5,000) they may not be as cost effective at higher quantities than other options. Digital Full Color Stickers also allow for up to five different images for free, as long as the sticker size and shape does not change.

Screen Printed Decals and Bumper stickers are available in standard quantities ranging from 125 to 10,000 but get less expensive per piece as the quantity increases.


Where is the sticker’s intended location – Inside or Outside?

A group of street stickers from LA

Stickers found on the streets of LA

Keeping the intended location for the sticker in mind can be crucial when selecting a sticker type.

Screen Printed bumper stickers and Full Color Vinyl stickers with lamination are the most durable options as both types can survive outdoors for long periods of time.

All of the roll sticker options can work as short term outdoor stickers but the adhesive and inks are more tailored for indoor applications. Black Ink on white vinyl roll stickers are the one exception that has shown promise with surviving the elements.

Planning to stick these on clear or transparent surface like glass? Try a clear sticker stock to break the bounds of standard shapes without the need for a die cut shape. If a repositionable or removable option is more along the lines of what you’re looking for Window Clings use a static charge to cling to flat smooth surfaces like glass with ease!  



As part of the previous question, thinking about how long you want your sticker’s message to stick around is an important step in determining what product is right for you.

Screen Printed Decals and Bumper stickers are intended to be exposed to the elements year after year. Subjected to direct rain, wind, and snow these stickers can have an average life expectancy of 3-5 years. This makes them great for cars, streets, or warning labels on heavy machinery.

All Full Color Vinyl Stickers are UV Coated to protect the ink against scuffs and scratches but lamination is required to protect against more destructive outdoor environments or if the sticker is on a product that will be handled often (think makeup cases or the back of your smartphone). These stickers can last up to 45 years in certain indoor environments but lighter colored inks may begin to fade dramatically around 4-5 years outdoors.

Paper and Foil Roll Stickers don’t hold up well to harsh outdoor environments but they’re perfect for short term indoor uses in a dry climate. Paper stocks are easily removed or torn which makes them a popular option for sandwich or burrito wrap seals.

Vinyl Roll stickers with darker inks will hold up outdoors for up to 2 years with direct exposure to the sun and even longer indoors.


Full Color or Spot Color Design?

Full color or photographic designs work the best with Digital Full Color Vinyl Stickers. Along with printing on the sticker face they can also be printed in full color on the back liner, so you don’t have to sacrifice any room on your sticker for promo codes, websites or any additional information.

A custom sticker with a liner print


While Full Color Stickers can reproduce most images with incredibly quality, Roll Stickers, Screen Printed Decals and Bumper Stickers are limited to 1-3 inks. However, White Vinyl Roll Stickers can be printed with 4 inks (CMYK) for a full color process print.


Custom Shape or Standard?

All Sticker products are available in standard sized Circle or Square shapes with the exception of squares being omitted from standard Bumper Sticker shapes. Roll Stickers and Screen Printed Decals are available in a variety of standard rectangle and oval sizes. Custom die-cut shapes are available as a standard option on Full Color Sticker while all other stickers can be produced in custom shapes, but a custom quote will be required.

Custom shape and die cut stickers

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