Look Fresh (and Feel Cool) with Ultra-Light Apparel

Look Fresh (and Feel Cool) with Ultra-Light Apparel

Ultra-Light T-Shirts

Summer means beach vacations, driving with the windows down and a change of wardrobe. To save you from the brutal summer heat, we’re offering Ultra-Light Apparel. You can keep feeling (and looking) your coolest with some of the thinnest fabrics on the market. Let’s dive right into the deep end.



Heavy-Weight T-Shrits

What is Ultra-Light Apparel, anyway?

What sets Ultra-Light Apparel apart from the standard tee? Where does the name Ultra-Light come from? What the hell is this stuff? We compared an Ultra-Light garment to a traditional tee to see what’s up.

The name Ultra-Light refers to the weight of the fabric. A traditional tee weighs in around 5.4 ounces per square yard, while many Ultra-Light tees weigh in at a featherweight 3.2 ounces. That difference in weight not only goes a long way on a hot summer afternoon, but it’s obvious in the drape and feel of the fabric.

Classic tees, like the Gildan 5000 shown, are boxy and don’t have a lot of movement. Ultra-Light Apparel features fashionable fits, like the scoop neck Anvil 391 shown, that give the garment a modern look. Ultra-Light’s loose drape is flowy and gives the fabric a tailored look that is comfortable to wear.

Ultra-Light Apparel gets bonus points for being light as a feather but not becoming too sheer! This thin, comfy tee can be worn on the hottest days with no undershirt required.    

Light-Weight Tees

The Fine Print

Triblends (garments made from a blend of three materials) and 50/50 blends of cotton and polyester have been hyper trendy the past few years because of their soft feel, fashion forward cuts and vintage vibe. But, these shirts aren’t always the best for printing.

Blended garments often require the print to be applied in two layers, the white base layer and your top inks — this keeps the garment from showing through the design.

Ultra-Light apparel is typically 100% cotton which can be discharged (similar to bleaching) so the design can be printed in only one layer. This makes the print lighter, softer and more comfortable to wear. Customers are now expecting soft inks as that’s the standard set by most retail clothing. Thick, heavy prints with Traditional Plastisol are falling out of fashion.

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