Dad Hats: this trend is no joke

Dad Hats: this trend is no joke

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However unexpected it may be, Dad Hats are one of this year’s hottest trends. Rihanna wears them. Drake wears them. They’re so hot that even President Obama, the ultimate dad, wears them. They’re effortlessly cool and easy to wear, making Dad Hats a pain-free trend to embrace.

A brief history of the Dad Hat

The Dad Hat isn’t just any old hat–it is the old hat. Dad Hats have been making appearances on the heads of Dads everywhere for at least a couple decades now. Made popular by America’s pastime of baseball, the Dad Hat has been the go-to head wear for ball players since Rick Honeycutt started pitching. You probably remember these most by seeing them atop your dad’s head when you were a kid. With a little bit of style evolution, we have the Dad Hats we’re all fangirling over today. Dads everywhere know a good hat when they see one.


Anatomy of a Dad Hatdadhatsdetail

What makes a Dad Hat a Dad Hat?  It’s a canvas or cotton unstructured cap that has just the right amount of bend at the brim. Rather than a snapback, these hats have an adjustable strap in the back for maximum comfort. The hat’s ultra-relaxed fit and bent brim makes accessorizing as simple as tossing it on and heading out the door.

Embroidered or printed graphics on the crown of the hat allow for endless customizing possibilities. The Dad Hat is the perfect canvas for your logo, references to rap songs and pizza graphics that allow you to wear your brand and your interests with confidence.


How to wear a Dad Hat

Now that you’re up to speed on the history and structure of Dad Hats, it’s time to learn how to incorporate them into your wardrobe. You’re in luck. The Dad Hat is one of the easiest accessories to don. Wearing one is as easy as putting it on and walking out the door.  That’s the beauty of the Dad Hat–it’s effortlessly versatile enough to go with anything in your closet and still look on point.

If you’re sold on Dad Hats, make sure you check out the rest of our super-new apparel and head wear. Hats off to dads everywhere for making this trend possible.

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