Business Cards: First and Lasting Impressions

Business Cards: First and Lasting Impressions


Business cards have been around for centuries. They’re a staple for every business, socialite, student, designer and everyone in between. But with networking sites like LinkedIn, Instagram and other ways to connect digitally, business cards have transitioned from a requirement to a statement piece. A good looking business card is the perfect chance to show off and ensure you’re leaving the impression you want with your audience. Paper stocks, custom die cuts and painted edges are just a few ways to leave a great first and lasting impression.

Paper Stocks


Paper plays a huge role in making a business card that someone will keep around. Standard stock is 14 pt., but there are a variety of stocks that can cater to your brand. 

  • 14 pt. – Lightest cover stock, cost effective, comes in gloss and uncoated.
  • 12 pt. uncoated – 30% recycled and writeable.
  • 16 pt. – Noticeably heavier, offered in elegant soft touch.
  • 32 pt. – Ultra-thick, offered in gloss and uncoated.

Choosing between gloss or uncoated is another detail to keep in mind when choosing a stock.

  • Gloss – Durable and makes images pop, difficult to write on.
  • Uncoated – Easy to write on, subdued colors, slightly more expensive.
  • 16 pt. Soft Touch – Velvety and luxurious feel, matte, difficult to write on.

Print To Thrill

Paper stocks aren’t the only way to create an impressive card. Die cuts, painted edges, foil stamping and other finishing options are surefire ways to turn a business card into a work of art.


Want a card that doesn’t cut corners? Consider rounding them instead. Offered in four different sizes, and you can choose to round every corner or specify which ones you want to round. Rounded corners also keep your cards from getting beaten and bent up. 


If you’re looking for a different way to make your card pop, then a painted edge might be exactly what you’re looking for. Die cut cards are a great opportunity to communicate what you do in a fun, memorable way. From bakeries to bike shops, there’s a die cut out there to help you market yourself.


If you want to perfect your polished look, consider foil stamping. You can give your design shine and highlight your elegant aspects with one of our ten shiny foil colors. Add an air of sophistication to your card with gold foil or compliment your design with cool colors from matte silver to black.


Embossing stamps text or images in a relief to raise it above the paper’s surface. This adds dimension to your card and gives your design an interesting feel. Embossing your logo helps your card stand out in the crowd.


If you want an alternative to the classic 3.5″ x 2″ size, mini business cards are a unique option. Mini cards measure in at 2.75″ x 1.125″ and are perfect for simple designs that keep your information short, sweet and easy to remember.


favicard_CUSTOM Mindbox

Shake things up with a custom Favicard. These 2” x 2” cards pack a powerful punch on 16 pt. Soft Touch with rounded corners.

These little dudes make a big impression and have limitless marketability for your business as well as any giveaways, promotions or download codes you want to get the word out about. Perfect for anyone from photographers, to web developers, musicians and artists!

Think Outside The Box

Business cards don’t just have to be your contact information anymore. We’ve seen everything from collectable pin backers to sweet loyalty cards. These Market Garden Brewery Case Club loyalty cards keep them top-of-mind and in their customer’s wallets. 

Custom Printed Loyalty Card

The world of custom business cards is your oyster at Jakprints. Pull out all the stops with our finishing options to have your card reflect what you’re all about. Check out all of our paper and cardstock products to get inspired on fresh ways you can promote with paper.

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