Vintage Vinyl with Spicher & Co.

Vintage Vinyl with Spicher & Co.

We love seeing new creative uses for everyday products. So, you can imagine our excitement when Spicher and Co. came to us with the idea to use Record Jackets to package their rad, vintage-inspired vinyl floorcloths. 

Spicher and Co. started as a way to showcase the paintings of Kolene Spicher — artist and founder Mark Spicher’s wife — and are a high-end manufacturer of framed artwork and home goods. Vintage Vinyl (a division of Spicher and Co.) began producing vinyl floorcloths (or floor mats) that feature patterns and colors with a luscious vintage aesthetic. The company draws inspiration from historic, hand painted canvas floorcloths and vintage kitchen linoleum to create their groovy, fun products that have modern durability. Vintage patterns and vinyl records are both making a comeback in this blast from the past product.


Custom Record Packaging by Spicher and Co.

Custom Record Jackets

Dani, the company’s Graphic Arts Design Director, came to us with an awesome idea: give their Vintage Vinyl the complete vinyl treatment by packaging them in custom Record Jackets. VintageVinyl4

She chose to print on our 16 pt. Card Stock for a thicker, more luxurious feel than the standard 12 pt. Stock. The thicker stock paired with Dani’s creative idea created durable and attractive packaging that reflected the vintage vibe of the brand. Vintage Vinyl customers will want to keep these Record Jackets around even after the floorcloths have made it to their floor.


Custom Hang Tags by Spicher and Co.Custom Hang Tags

They paired their custom packaging with Hang Tags on 32 pt. Uncoated Card Stock. Ultra-thick papers (like our 32 pt.) are a great way to turn an everyday product into a high-impact piece without splurging on finishing options. These ultra-thick Hang Tags keep the packaging looking pristine without damaging it like certain adhesives on labels would. 


Want a piece of your own? Beat your feet to Spicher and Co. or their sister company, The Artwork Factory.

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