WMC 7: Three Days That Will Change Your Life

WMC 7: Three Days That Will Change Your Life


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Go Media’s weekend long Weapons of Mass Creation Fest is back August 5th-7th to engage, inspire and educate designers, artists and creative minds. Celebrating its seventh year in Cleveland, this year’s impressive roster of speakers and hands on workshops has us counting down the days until we get to dive into the festivities again. Years past have been a blast with speakers like Jude Goergen and our bud Mark Brickley creating super-educational workshops, inspirational talks and podcasts.

There are an abundance of reasons that this year’s fest will live up to its name as the region’s leading design conference, but we’ve narrowed it down to our top five to showcase the best WMC has to offer.

1. A Fest For The Rest Of Us

weapons2Go Media set out to create a design conference with a fresh perspective on creative conferences and a focus on working class creatives. They did just that. The conference strives to create an awe-inspiring event that provides a wealth of practical knowledge and a sense of camaraderie that cannot be rivaled. WMC is about coming together to celebrate the successes and moments of inspiration while creating a movement — a movement that encourages the community to challenge themselves and sharpen their craft.

2. Historic Venue With A Creative Atmosphere

Cleveland’s bustling theatre scene is an integral part of our creative culture and history. The city was rapidly expanding (we were the third largest US city at the time!) when Deco was all the rage, and now The Land is one of the best places in the world to see authentic Art Deco architecture. Playhouse Square, the largest performing arts center outside of New York, is home to some of the most spectacular Deco time capsules. WMC takes place across three of Playhouse Square’s stunning historic venues:

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3. Hands-On Workshops

There are plenty of fun, inspiring, educational opportunities to get your hands dirty in one of the WMC Fest workshops. Covering topics from comic book story lines with ultimate comic creator John G. of Shiner Comics to creating the perfect portfolio, these workshops are designed with your creative side in mind. You’ll learn new skills and get hands on experiences with the best of the best. There’s even a free desk yoga workshop to help you loosen up and feel refreshed!


4. Talking About Winning. And Losing.

WMC Fest speakers discuss winning as a creative, losing as a creative, trials, tribulations and triumphs in a way that will leave you feeling like you can take on the creative world with confidence. Speakers are on that stage for a reason, so listen up and get inspired. Creative community big shots like Stefan Sagmeister and Go Media’s Wilson Revehl are there to give you a brain full of knowledge to take back home

wmcdameon5. Podcasts

Live podcasts offer opportunities to hear more design advice and hear unique narratives from WMC Fest contributors, sponsors and attendees. We recommend checking out Mark Brickey’s Adventures In Design to explore how to design happiness into your life and Open Ended’s always interesting discussion on culture and technology.

Dameon Guess, our very own Co-Founder, did an episode of Go Media’s We Are Weapons podcast. Go Media will be recording an episode at the Fest to get to know some of the people behind WMC a little better.

We could list reasons all day about why WMC is incredible, but we would rather you experience it for yourself. Walk, run, bike, drive, fly to Cleveland so you don’t miss out on three days of inspiration that will change your life.

Kick it with your creative cronies and enjoy free bowling at the official Weapons of Mass Creation After Party, hosted by Jakprints at Twin Lanes Bowling Alley on Saturday, August 6th.

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