Streetwear and Lifestyle Brands with Byron McKoy

Streetwear and Lifestyle Brands with Byron McKoy

m1There’s a lot that goes into creating your own brand. Luckily, we know some incredible people in the scene that give great advice on starting your own label-like Byron McKoy of Hide & Seek Clothing.

Knowing what your target audience wants is a huge part of making a successful product, and Byron knows just how to do that. With introverts in mind, Hide & Seek offers apparel that lets those less social and more emotional wear their hearts on their shirts.

What got you interested in creating your own brand?

I was in a touring band in the late 2000s, and one of my roles when I wasn’t swinging a mic around was to design merchandise. While this band dissolved a few years ago, my love for designing t-shirts grew. After years of chaotic traveling, my head was full of inspiration. With hands more idle than ever, I dove right in.

What brands or artists inspired you to get started on Hide & Seek?

In high school, all of my favorite bands produced branding that was suspiciously similar. I dug around and found that this was thanks to Rob Dobi. His ability to conjure emotion while working primarily with silhouettes and minimal colors captured my imagination almost immediately. Without Rob, I doubt I would be doing what I am today.

byronmckoyHow do you define streetwear and lifestyle brands?

Streetwear and lifestyle brands go hand in hand. Both represent a style that is more personal and connects with a group more than a major brand or label. They represent a shared and specific disposition.

I design clothing for anxious, introverted people who prefer spending their time on the couch drinking coffee, reading books and petting pets. So maybe seatwear is more appropriate?

IMG_0924What do you think is the most important first step in starting a brand?

Don’t. Well, not until you have something you truly believe in. We’re currently in an amazing place where producing clothing is easier than ever. Don’t abuse that. Put in the work. Spend the hours before and after your day job improving second, third and fourth drafts of designs. Talk with people. Create your brand. The others are already taken. When you’ve got your vision on lock, find a great manufacturer. Make short runs and talk to your customers to see what they want.

Starting a brand of your own is not an easy task. But with a solid idea of what your brand is and constantly striving to improve, it can be a success. Thanks, Byron, for the great advice.


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