Getting Retail Ready

Getting Retail Ready

Buying yourself or someone else a piece of apparel is a great way to treat yo-self or give a cool, thoughtful gift. As a brand, why not give your customers the ultimate experience of opening a package? Make a great first impression and ensure your products look professional and are dressed to impress. Print it, tag it, label it, fold it and bag it up with our Retail Ready Apparel Finishing Options.

Custom Labeling/De-labeling

Brand your merch from the outside in with custom labeling. Replacing the little tags on the inside of garments with labels of your own will make your custom product even more unique. We remove the manufacturer’s tag and sew your custom label in its place using one of two methods.




Lift and Sew: We unstitch the collar where the original label is attached, replace it with your custom label and stitch the collar and your label back in place. This is the most durable method for relabeling.









Straight/Horizontal Stitch: This cost effective method involves removing the manufacturer’s label and sewing the custom label on top of the collar.




Custom labels must be provided by the customer, and our buds at CBF Label can hook you up with quality custom labels to help you completely market your brand.

  • Adds up to 5 days to turnaround time
  • Minimum of 12 pieces
  • $.50 to $1.00 a piece, $25 minimum charge

If cloth labels aren’t your style, we also offer inside label screen printing to help your brand stand out and look professional. Some customers think the inside tag is pesky and uncomfortable, so this is a relabeling solution that you can some design fun with.



Hang Tags

These handy Hang Tags are the perfect tool to take your brand to the next level. Common uses are sizing, prices, care instructions and logos, but they have way more potential. Use these to tell your brand’s backstory, give out promo codes and drive people to your website. Hang Tags can be used for apparel, accessories, hats and shoes. You can provide your own or take advantage of Jakprints being a one stop shop and print custom Hang Tags with us. We print Hang Tags in all of our house stocks. Our Sticker Hang Tags let your customers rep your brand after they cut the tag off.



  • Adds 1 day to turnaround time
  • Minimum of 24 pieces
  • $.25 per piece, $25 minimum charge

teebogganFolding And Poly-bagging

Let us help you get retail ready by folding and polybagging your merchandise. 4 ml. thick polypropylene bags are heat sealed with your perfectly folded garments inside. We’ll even add size stickers to the bag’s surface to keep you and your products ultra organized.

Polybagging offers your product protection from dust and debris while size stickers and optional barcodes make distributing and keeping inventory a breeze.


  • Adds 5 business days to turnaround time
  • $0.30 per piece/$25 minimum charge
  • Minimum of 12 pieces.

Our exclusive Tee-Boggans add extra pizzazz to your polished look. These sleeves help give the bag shape and give you the opportunity to showcase more of your merch on the sleeve.

Put the finishing touch on your apparel by giving your products the complete Retail Ready treatment. Print custom catalogs to show off the other goods you offer, postcards to include as thank you notes and flyers to let your customers know about upcoming sales. 

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