The Sticker That Won’t Lose Its Stick

The Sticker That Won’t Lose Its Stick

fotorcreatedImagine a sticker that you could stick wherever you wanted and move wherever you wanted for virtually a lifetime without losing its stickiness or damaging the surface it’s on. We have good news. PhotoTex is here to make your wildest sticker dreams come true. There are a number of factors that make PhotoTex Wall Graphics a marketing superstar, and we’re here to break down just why that is.

What Is PhotoTex?

PhotoTex is a printable adhesive fabric made of 100% polyester.

drumheadWhere can it be stuck?

It can be mounted to almost any surface! Aside from brick and eggshell paints (like you see in kitchens), PhotoTex is safe to use on any wall, door or glass surface you wish. We’ve even seen it used on band’s drum heads!

PhotoTex technology makes the fabric durable enough to withstand temperature changes and all types of weather. You can confidently stick this stuff inside or outside for any amount of time.

Does it lose its adhesive properties?

Nope! This material can be moved around as much as you want. This means it can travel with you to tradeshows, move businesses with you or stay stuck in one place for as long as you like. Think of it as a big post-it note for your wall. It never loses its stickiness!

Will it leave any residue behind when it’s moved?

Another PhotoTex perk is that you can move it around without having to worry about scraping sticky stuff off a wall or damaging surfaces. The adhesive stays on the fabric and not on your walls.

good2goHow does it hold up?

High quality wall graphics will not shrink, curl, wrinkle or crack over time. The fabric stays fresh and crisp without ever losing its stick.

Printed in vivid full color and full bleed, you can design without boundaries and take advantage of the entire space. We can even cut your wall graphic into awesome custom shapes!

Market yourself literally anywhere you go. Stick your wall graphic on the walls of your tradeshow booth or use them to advertise during pop-up shops. These graphics go where you do without having to lug around stands or find a place to hang your banner. The ageless material is perfect for evergreen content and keeps it at your fingertips no matter where you are.

Wall Graphic Bonus Points:

On top of all of these amazing attributes, PhotoTex is also non-toxic, eco-friendly and biodegradable. A movable, forever sticky marketing tool that’s green too? That’s a material that Jakprints can stand behind.

Our high quality Wall Graphics ensure that every space is a marketable one. Check out other big ways to market your brand and start creating now.  

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