Sleek, Modern Metal Prints

Sleek, Modern Metal Prints


If you’re looking for a exciting new way to display your art, then look no further than our Metal Photo Prints. Printed in full color on aluminum plates through dye sublimation, your prints will look crisp and have depth that isn’t possible on canvas or paper. The aluminum creates a luminescence that gives your print a metallic glow. Here’s some tips and tricks to creating your own and some behind the scenes action on how they’re made.



Metal Photo Prints require a print ready CMYK file. 300 dpi is preferred to make the finished product as crisp and clear as possible, but we accept files as low as 150 dpi. We suggest using our online templates to set up your file. This ensures that the placement of your image is as accurate as possible. Just make sure the template later isn’t locked to the files artwork layer so we can print just your artwork. We accept JPEG and PNG files for Metal Photo Prints, but they require an inch of bleed on each side and don’t have the placement accuracy that a file using the template would have.

Metal Photo Prints are a unique medium that you can really have some fun with. We’re going to break down the different coatings we offer so you can decide which will work best for your art.


We offer two styles of Metal Photo Prints. Clear Coating will give your art a unique metallic tone. The aluminum underneath will show through the white elements in your design. This means that any white will display the color of the aluminum rather than actually being white. Vibrant colors will be prominent, but we suggest using our White Coating if color is an integral part of your design.

White Coating will allow you to print bright colors including white. Unless you are looking to create a specific effect that uses the metallic sheen that Clear Coating will offer, we suggest using White Coating so your finished product is as vibrant as possible. This coating is applied prepress and your artwork is printed on top of the coating.


How It’s Made

These prints are created the same way our All-Over Print Shirts are made. Your artwork is printed onto a sheet of heat-resistant, high-release transfer paper with special dye sublimation inks. We position the artwork on top of the metal plate and press the two at a specific temperature with just the right amount of pressure. The inks turn into a vapor that bonds with the aluminum plate and viola! Your Metal Art Print is complete.

Show It Off

Shadow mounting is a cool, modern way to display your print. This type of display uses wooden blocks that are attached to the back of the print then mounted to the wall to give the piece a floating effect. This eliminates the need for a frame and gives your finished product a clean feel. We have these shadow mounts available to order right on our website, so they can be included in your order.

Metal Photo Prints also look great framed, on a stand or any other way you can conjure up.


Metal Photo Prints are a great way to showcase your art. With the ability to order one or many, it’s a unique way to offer your prints to customers.

If Metal Photo Prints aren’t your style or you want to go with a more traditional print method, we offer Giclee, Faux Canvas Prints, Screen Printed Posters and a whole slew of rad stocks to bring your art to life.

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