How To Gain Repeat Business Using Custom Loyalty Cards

How To Gain Repeat Business Using Custom Loyalty Cards

Rewards Cards drive habit-forming purchases by giving your customers discounts and freebies in exchange for repeat business. By offering your patrons incentives, it encourages brand loyalty and creates opportunities for upselling, cross-selling and impulse buys. A standard cup of Joe can lead to upgrades like espresso beverages or add-ons such as artisan baked goods. You might even sell lifestyle products such as reusable mugs and tumblers or branded merchandise like screen printed t-shirts and embroidered hats for those spur-of-the-moment buyers. These items can create additional streams of revenue and generate a “buzz” around town by word of mouth referrals.

Formula for a profitable marketing campaign using Loyalty Cards

This marketing technique is simple and cost effective. Let’s say for example your proposition to the consumer is to buy 10 beverages and get the 11th one free. The first caffeine fix may have been the result of clever advertising or random walk-in foot traffic. The additional 9 cups could yield an average $18-37 in subsequent transactions stemming from their original purchase. That’s per customer!

Profitability model for coffee shop loyalty cards

500 cards (14 pt gloss – 3.5” x 2”) will cost you less than 12¢ ea. By the time those punch-tickets have all been redeemed for their prize the company will be approximately $9000 / $18500 richer as a direct result.

On average, drive-thru espresso businesses with locations that have good visibility sell 250 cups of espresso and coffee drinks per day. The ratio breaks down to 31% espresso-based drinks / 69% traditional brewed coffee. Based on this model a small business owner could generate $12K in revenue in just 20 days!

Pro Tip: If you are going to use a custom ink stamp for your loyalty cards be sure to select uncoated or C1S stocks. If you plan on using a custom hole punch, gloss cards will suffice, but ultra-thick cardstock is not recommended.

Business Card Examples That Stimulate The Senses

We’ve had an “extra shot” of creative inspiration before lunchtime and are all hopped-up on these coffee shop loyalty cards. Check out some of the inventive ways that small business owners are using custom Business Cards for brand awareness and customer retention programs. 

Cannon Coffee

Cannon Coffee Custom Business Cards with Rounded Corners

3.5″ x 2″ – Rounded Corner Business Cards | 16 pt Soft Touch

Cannon Coffee is a brand new coffee shop located in Hagerstown, MD that just had their grand opening in August. Owners Chris and Lindsay Reese use their silky-smooth contact cards to get the word out about their new business venture at farmers markets and local festivals.

Visit their Facebook Page to check out the weekly selection of locally sourced baked goods and kombucha flavors on tap.

Jittery Joe’s

Jittery Joe's Loyalty Cards Custom Printing On Uncoated Paper

3.5″ x 2″ – Loyalty Cards | 12 pt Uncoated

Jittery Joe’s is a small batch gourmet coffee roaster in Georgia that has been in business for over 20 years. They offer wholesale partnerships with independent coffee houses and have a chain of Jittery Joe’s cafes in the Athens greater area serving microroasted brews from around the world.

Shop online or signup for their subscriptions to have your favorite flavors delivered to your doorstep every month.

Black Dog Coffeehouse

Black Dog Coffeehouse Loyalty Cards on Kraft Paper

3.5″ x 2″ – Rounded Corner Loyalty Cards | 100# Kraft

Black Dog Coffeehouse is a cafe in Lenexa, KS with a full lunch and breakfast menu in addition to your favorite java brew and espresso/latte specialty drinks. They also offer a large selection of specialty pastries and loaves of bread courtesy of the bakery located next door. Their list of regional partners that contribute to their locally-sourced ingredients is admirable.

Visit their Instagram Feed for glamour food photography, employee portraits and the occasional furry friend.

Cavu Coffee

Custom Embossing Example Cavu Coffee Frequent Buyers Card

3.5″ x 2″ – Custom Quoted Embossed Loyalty Cards

Cavu Coffee is a full service coffee boutique with drive thru service located in Butler County here in Ohio. Their beans are sourced from a coffee roaster right there in the Cincinnati area.

Their Frequent Buyer Card just might be the best looking and most creative we’ve come across. The US Passport theme is perfectly executed from their faux-leather embossed cover to their custom stamps.

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