Custom shaped stickers — known as Die Cut Stickers, due to the metal die used to cut them — are awesome. Everyone knows it; we love them, you love them and your fans love them. We have tons of standard sizes to choose from, or we can custom quote any size up to a monsterous 12×18″ for you. But you didn’t come here for a sales pitch, so let’s get to the fun stuff!

Once your artwork is ready and you know what shape you want, all that’s left is to create your Dieline.

What In The Heck Is A Dieline?

Dielines are the lines we use to cut along, and how you tell us what your shape should look like. If you’ve never set one up, don’t be intimidated. It’s super easy and we’ll help you through the whole setup. The extensive tutorials below are written with both beginners and pros in mind.

Dieline Tutorials