New Video: Apparel Screen Printing – Image Locations

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Did you know that your artwork can be placed almost anywhere on a piece of apparel? Jakprints is leading the pack with the amount of customization options we offer, and our quality is second to none. Around here we encourage thinking outside the box, so be as creative as you want with your custom shirt printing.

Check out resident Apparel Guru Angie Franklin as she provides insightful advice on “where” and “how big” to apply graphics on your next apparel order. She will help you master the art of t-shirt design by providing helpful hints about Max Print Areas and Anchor Points, as well as guide you through some of the possible results when printing over non-conventional image areas.

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Employee Spotlight – Michael “Mikey” Baranick

This post was published and formated for an old version of the blog.

Jakprints employees are the BEST you can get! They’re hard working, dedicated and have mad skills, both on and off the clock. This month’s Jakprints Employee Spotlight features Mikey Baranick! For almost 6 years, Mikey has worked as the Shipping Manager in our Apparel department. If you’ve ordered apparel and had it shipped, Mikey’s to thank for it’s safe arrival!

We sat down with Mikey for a quick Q&A session. Keep on scrollin’ down to learn what his bands are up to, find out who he’d like to have dinner with, and which super power he’d possess if given the opportunity!

What did you do before Jakprints?  I worked at the CD Game Exchange, was a security guard, along with a ton of other jobs.

Describe what you do at Jakprints. What’s your typical day?  The first half of the day is mainly spent running all over both Jakprints buildings, managing the high volume of receiving, outgoing recycling, deliveries and customer pick up orders.  The second half is shipping out finished products, running international and freight shipment quotes, solving any problems that may arise through our various carriers (UPS, FedEx, etc). Oh…and then more running (haha.) Most days ya get a workout.
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Winter-iffic Apparel: Ribz Clothing

This post was published and formated for an old version of the blog.

We are featuring the customers and apparel products that we used in our recent Winter-iffic apparel photo shoot. With the help of our Account Manager Angie Franklin and our amazing customers we bring you our sixth installment.

Ribz Clothing

Written By: Angie Franklin

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