Highlight your Ultra-Thick Business Cards with Painted Edges

Ultra-Thick Business Cards with Red Painted Edges

Painted Edge Business Cards demonstrate to future contacts that you’ve got a keen eye for good aesthetic and a passion for finishing touches and fine detail. Jakprints offers 22 standard colors (including metallic and fluorescent) to accentuate the edges and draw attention to your ultra-thick 32pt cardstock. In this article we’ll explore best practices for applying both contrasting and matching colors.

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Business Cards We Love

Here at Jakprints we love looking at all the great ideas that our customers come up with. Check out these phenomenal Business Cards that have crossed over our desk recently.


1. We love the look of this 16 pt. Soft Touch Business Card. The sleek design pairs perfectly with our Soft Touch coating — it gives paper a satin finish and a touchable, rubbery feel. Their use of gold foil stamping keeps it both simple and elegant. Every detail is covered in this design, even the slight rounded corners to soften the look of the final piece. Marvelous! 


2. Our friends over at Inked Glass really wanted to make their artwork pop. With the use of a custom die line and neon green painted edges they definitely have a card you won’t forget.

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