The Sticker That Won’t Lose Its Stick

fotorcreatedImagine a sticker that you could stick wherever you wanted and move wherever you wanted for virtually a lifetime without losing its stickiness or damaging the surface it’s on. We have good news. PhotoTex is here to make your wildest sticker dreams come true. There are a number of factors that make PhotoTex Wall Graphics a marketing superstar, and we’re here to break down just why that is.

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Stickers And Writing Make An Impact

stickawallStickers have been an integral part of Jakprints since we started in 1999. Stickers are stuck everywhere in the shop, but one wall in particular is covered– and we mean covered. From top to bottom, the wall underneath can’t be seen. Layers of stickers have accumulated on this lobby wall over the years from bands, businesses and clothing lines. So we were pretty excited when a high school teacher from Pennsylvania reached out to us for some stickers to put on wall of his own.

Tom Mooney started teaching 12th grade English at North Allegheny Senior High School in Wexford, Pennsylvania 14 years ago, but his love for stickers started way before that. We were thrilled to hear that a print product was making such an impact, so we asked Tom how it all began.

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Sticker Types

So you want some rad custom stickers, (who doesn’t?) but you’re not quite sure which sticker is going to be best for you? Well, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled a list of common questions that can quickly guide you to the right type of sticker sticker for your needs so you don’t find yourself in a sticky situation.

Custom printed stickers

Quantity? A lot or a little?

The first questions to answer on the path to the sticker of your dreams.

Roll Stickers which come in high quantities are the most economical option. These stickers are available on a variety of substrates such as clear, white and yellow vinyl, paper and foil stocks. Typically clocking in around 10-20 cents per sticker these will be the most inexpensive option for larger quantities of 500 or more.

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Merch that works

You made it, congratulations. Your band (or brand) is gaining a steady following both in the real world and on social media. Now the big question is, how take being a hobby that you pay for and make it a business that pays you to do what you love? The answer, the high holy merchandise. What better way to start reaping rewards than by giving your fans sweet swag they can show off everywhere they go?

These four items are the holy grail of custom merch. Define your brand with this stuff and you’ll be on your way to greatness.


Stickers: Some stickers are great hand outs, while others can double as money making products and advertisements.  High quality Bumper Stickers or Full Color Vinyl Stickers last and look great. Kiss Cut Stickers and Sticker Packs make for unique collectibles that will really excite your fans. Cost on these will really depend on how complex your design is, starting simple you can get 1,000 bumper stickers for under $400 (one color) or put out an entire sticker pack which will cost about $7-$8 per pack.

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Glossary of Sticker Terminology

Sticker terminology can get pretty confusing with all of the different types of stickers, stocks and print methods.  Use the following glossary to better understand stickers, labels and decals.


The most basic sticker terms are often thought of as interchangeable. The following are examples of how one might differentiate these terms based on their use.


Full Color Sticker

Pressure Sensitive Stock: This is the most technical way to refer to stickers or labels. It’s a general description of any paper or synthetic stocks that adhere to surface when pressed against it.

Stickers: When a pressure sensitive stock is used for decorative or branding purposes it is usually referred to as a sticker. They generally come individually cut.

Labels: When pressure sensitive stock is used to identify a product or contents of a package, indicate a destination on an item being shipped, or differentiate items for organizational purposes they are usually referred to as labels (i.e., mailing labels, size labels, beer labels, etc…). Labels come in individual sheets or on a roll.

Decals: When a pressure sensitive stock is used to decorate or brand an item for a extended periods of time they are usually referred to as decals. Decals usually come with an implication of permanence, so you’ll often find them being used for signage purposes. Decals are most often thought of as being unprinted cut vinyl, or screen printed.

Roll Labels/Stickers: Stickers and labels can be printed in a continuous line and then rolled onto core cylinders. The purpose of this is most often for machine labeling.

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Sticker Fun



Stickers are one of the most diverse products we make. Its also one of our favorites! In fact, we love them so much that we have dedicated an entire wall in our lobby for them. This is where we stick all the fun and wacky stickers we come across, commemorated  forever!

At Jakprints, we’re putting stickers to work. Check out how these companies are using some of the awesome stickers we’ve made this year so far!
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Sticker Durability

In the 1800s the first stickers were used to label pharmaceuticals, but nowadays there’s probably a skateboarder in your neighborhood using one as a band-aid. With so many different kinds of stickers on the market, durability is often the determining characteristic when choosing the sticker or label that’s right for the job. Follow our guide to learn more about how different stickers stack up to each other.


Breaking Down Sticker Life Expectancy:

1-2 Years Indoor – Paper Based Roll Labels

1-2 Years Outdoor – Vinyl/Synthetic Based Roll Labels

3-5 Years Outdoor – Full Color Stickers & Screen Printed Decals

Extended Use Indoor* – Full Color Stickers & Screen Printed Decals

* Extended Use is not clearly defined. Depending on the exposure to sunlight some stickers can last anywhere from 5 to 45 years.

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