Perfect Poster Printing Tips & Tricks

If your design is going to make it to paper, design in the CMYK color mode. It’ll give you more accurate colors to the final printed product over RGB Colors (for screen use).
300 DPI
Crisp prints start with high resolution. Set your DPI (Dots Per Inch) to 300. You also may find this as PPI or ‘Points Per Inch’ depending on which software you’re using. 
Setting up your file at actual print size goes hand-in-hand with your resolution. Make sure your artboard is at the correct size for the poster you’re printing! Our popular sizes vary from the traditional 11 x 17″ gig poster all the way up to the oversized 22 x 28″ movie posters. 
Along with setting up your artwork size, include .125″ on each side for bleed. This area ensures any elements in your artwork extend all the way to edge of the print.
There’s nothing worse than getting your posters back and finding a typo. Ask a friend to check over the details, it’ll take just a few minutes to ensure all your details are correct.
To keep file sizes down on larger projects, we usually prefer PDF, AI, PSD, EPS or TIFF formats. Just make sure you outline or rasterize any text prior to saving so it, to ensure nothing drops out on our end. Only got a JPEG? We’ll make it work as long as it’s high-resolution and saved out at print size. 
Your best bet for high-quantity printing. In addition to affordable bulk pricing, offset printing gives you stunning results, setup and inspected for quality and color by our professional team.
Perfect for low-quantity runs and ultra-large prints. You’ll still get a quality print, but not as many stock options as offset printing provides. See our digital posters here.
Nothing packs the promotional punch like custom printed Posters. Promote your next gig or event with the time-tested method. Got a product special or sale coming up? Posters are a great way to let your customers know! They also make great collectable and affordable merchandise.

Juxtapoz Clubhouse 2018


This week the Jakprints team is headed south in search of warmer weather and good times with our friends from Juxtapoz Magazine and Superchief Gallery. 

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Epic Comics With John G.

erie cover 6

Comic Books have been around for decades, but recent years have seen a resurgence in the art form. While Marvel is rolling out blockbusters based on beloved comic book heroes, comic book shops are popping up everywhere and collectors are rejoicing.

Cleveland is fortunate enough to have an incredibly talented comic artist drawing up a storm in our happy little city. John Greiner, more commonly known as John G., is the artist behind the Shiner Comics and the artwork for Melt Bar & Grilled, Cleveland Cinemas, Scene Magazine and much, much more. We hung out with John to find out if he prefers pizza to tacos and what goes into creating and printing an epic Comic Book adventure.

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Concerned About American Apparel? We’re Here To Help


amap logo

With American Apparel’s bankruptcy and Gildan’s recent purchase of the brand and assets, the future of American Apparel is not for certain. All the public really knows is that Gildan purchased the name, inventory and some equipment. Employees have been laid off, production has stopped and retail stores are closing by the end of April. This can be a cause for alarm for some brands that typically use the brand’s garments, but do not fear! We’re here to help! From American Apparel stock levels to alternative garments, we’ve got you covered.


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Endless Possibilities With Screen Printing Effects



 Want to add a little sparkle or shine to your clothing line? You’ve come to the right place. We offer a variety of effect inks so you can wow people with your awesome apparel.

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Screen Printing Ink Breakdown


Screen Printing Squeegee

A lot goes into apparel printing. Picking the right garment, print locations, color separation…the list goes on and on. Choosing the right apparel ink for the job is a crucial step in making the final product look exactly how you want it to. The pros here at Jakprints are here to break down your options so your apparel can look its best.

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The Benefits of Art Prints


Cleveland Giclee Printing

As an artist, selling your work and getting it on someone’s wall is a huge deal. While selling original pieces is great, it’s not the only way to get your work from your studio and into the hands of someone that truly appreciates it. Art Prints are a great alternative to selling your original pieces and allowing more people to add your work to their collection.

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How to Design an Embroidery Graphic That Works


Embroidery has been one of the biggest fashion trends for a hot minute. From Dad Hats to Jackets, embroidery is everywhere. But a lot goes into making a quality piece of embroidered apparel. Designing for embroidery is a little different than designing for screen printing, so we’ve put together some tips to help get your graphic embroidery ready.

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Talkin’ Tiny: Enamel Pins and Design with Charlie Wagers


Enamel pins are everywhere these days. They’re taking over Instagram, Etsy and big retailers like Forever21 and Urban Outfitters. Everyone at Jakprints has at least a couple on their denim jackets, so we wanted to get the details on these mini accessories. We turned to the enamel pin master, Charlie Wagers of Lost Lust Supply, to find out what makes these tiny accessories some of the coolest around and talk design while we’re at it.

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Sleek, Modern Metal Prints


If you’re looking for a exciting new way to display your art, then look no further than our Metal Photo Prints. Printed in full color on aluminum plates through dye sublimation, your prints will look crisp and have depth that isn’t possible on canvas or paper. The aluminum creates a luminescence that gives your print a metallic glow. Here’s some tips and tricks to creating your own and some behind the scenes action on how they’re made.

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