Ice Cream Man: Slingin’ the Cream, Livin’ the Dream

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Matt Allen: The Ice Cream Man has been traveling to concerts, music festivals and events all over the U.S. for several years to follow a simple dream: to give away free ice cream.

And he is definitely living his dream – over 170,000 frosty treats to date have been given away at music festivals and events like Bonnaroo, FolkFest, Rothbury and Comic-Con to name a few.

The operation is founded by Matt’s imagination and funded through advertising, sponsors, promotions and merchandising. “I want to give away ice cream. It’s that simple. I can’t be the only one who thinks this is a good idea. Why not bring all of these like-minded people together to do great things?”

Jakprints couldn’t resist being a part of such a unique venture when we met him at SXSW several years ago and we have been on board since the beginning – helping to establish the Ice Cream Man brand with print materials such as stickers, ice cream boxes, business cards and Off The Wookie (Ice Cream Man’s magazine)
Through cross-promoting with Ice Cream Man, Jakprints has generated over $100,000 in revenue over three years and the numbers continue to rise. But mostly, we just think it’s
cool that a guy with a dream of traveling the nation, giving away ice cream is making it happen.

Matt recently visited Jakprints… Slingin’ Cream, Livin’ the Dream:

The Ice Cream Man is here!

Ice Cream Man slips Jacob a Choco-Taco under the radar

Ice Cream Man bringing joy to the masses!

Ice Cream Man and Jakprints’ own Angie Franklin

You can follow the Ice Cream Man at and on Twitter

Jakprints to attend D-Fest Music Conference & Festival

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For the 6th consecutive year, Jakprints is proud to announce we will be attending DFest in Tulsa, OK this Friday and Saturday July 24-25.

The event began as small festival at a bar in Tulsa to help co-founders Tom Green and Angie DeVore-Green and their band Ultrafix win a Jim Beam/Rolling Stone Magazine Best Unsigned Band Contest.

Since then, it has evolved into a 2 day music festival and conference that brings together professionals in the music industry, music enthusiasts, and emerging artists from across the U.S to celebrate diversity in music.

This years event is sure to be another success – featuring over 160 artists on 13 different stages with headliners including Cake and The Black Crowes.

The festival also offers educational panels, clinics and a tradeshow where you can take advantage of networking and resource opportunities in the music industry.

And for the first year in the events’ history, a Yoga conference sponsored by Whole Foods Market will be incorporated into the festivities. (Talk about diversity!)

As a sponsor of the event (we printed the programs for this year’s festival – make sure you get one!) we are proud to attend and hope we see some of you there!

For more information about DFest, visit

TruStick: A Tree-Free Alternative

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TruStick – The Environmentally Responsible Sticker Stock

Allow us to introduce the world’s first energy efficient, acid-free, pressure sensitive stock: TruStick. This revolutionary vinyl alternative is made intirely from inorganic stone (limestone or calcium carbonate) and inorganic mineral powders. Unlike traditional vinyl stickers TruStick is manufactured with zero water consumption or toxic agents including bleaching chemicals.

Another way Jakprints is making it easy to be green!

Eco-Green Sticker Product Information:

  • Durable Eco-friendly vinyl alternative
  • 4.0 mil flexible bright white opaque
  • Offset CMYK / full bleed printing on front
  • Standard B/W printing available on back
  • 150 line screen-printing on both front and back
  • A water based & biodegradable gloss coating
  • 100 lb. sturdy full bleed printable back liner
  • Won’t crack or peel like paper stickers

Who Is Jakprints? “What Works” Interview

This post was published and formated for an old version of the blog.

Jakprints was recently featured on the local Cleveland NBC affiliate, WKYC.

View the story and video

CLEVELAND — Jakprints is a company rife with entrepreneurial spirit.

Ten years ago, friends Jacob Edwards and Dameon Guess started the full-service marketing and promotion company, which now specializes in custom color printing, apparel printing and sticker production.

The Cleveland natives base their business on a shared passion for what they produce.

“My partner and I started out doing this initially as a labor of love, enjoyment of music, enjoyment of art, skateboarding and the culture around those activities,” Dameon says.
In fact, Jakprints took shape in that culture. Dameon and Jacob met while playing in bands, and at shows, they would sell merchandise they had made themselves. Other bands took notice and started asking them to make merchandise for them.
“They look at what you’ve done to promote and have things on the road and they say, ‘Wow. I want those things, too,'” Dameon says. “As you do things for people, they ask you for more things.”
Dameon and Jacob listened to their customers’ needs and the business grew from there. Interestingly enough, both founders of Jakprints are high school drop outs, but that hasn’t stopped them from building their business to now employ nearly 140 people with clients nationwide.
“I think not having some of that business background really gave us the feeling you could accomplish anything,” Dameon says.
When asked what he’s most proud of when it comes to Jakprints, Jacob replied: “The ability to build something out of nothing and build something good. I just think if you’re honest and have passion and produce a good, quality product with the right price, no one can stop you.”

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Big Fun Opening New Cleveland Location!

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Who couldn’t use more BIG FUN in there lives?

Jakprints has been working with Cleveland’s own BIG FUN for close to a decade. Why we’re so excited to help spread the word about the grand opening of Big Fun’s 2nd location! Plan on seeing lots of old and new friendly faces like LAUGHING SAL (yes, just like the one at Euclid Beach) who will be laughing and shaking to a live music performance by CATS ON HOLIDAY. This jam packed good time wouldn’t be complete without Archie’s on Lakeshore who will be treating all in attendance to a piece of HOUGH BAKERY CAKE!

Mark your calendar for Thursday June 11th from 6pm-10pm and join us at: Big Fun – Cleveland, 11512 Clifton Blvd., Cleveland, OH 44102 (next to Flower Child)

By the way… Big Fun was just awarded one of the “20 COOLEST STORES IN AMERICA” by!

Jakprints is proud to print for KC Candies!

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When Cheryl and Kara (of KC Candies) knocked on our door, they were brand new company with a great idea. They definitely could “walk the walk,” but came to Jakprints when they needed to “look the look”….in marketing terms. The three of us sat down in the Jakprints conference room and the ladies decided that a new cohesive packaging and logo was what was required to take them to the next level….paper stickers for their plastic bags, pink t-shirts, banners with stands and embossed business cards!

For the design portion, I put them in contact with Jesse Burhenne–a very talented freelance designer (Art Buffet) who also works in the Jakprints Pre-Flight Department. The three of them worked together on these exceptional packaging concepts that you see in the video. Those projects were then expertly fabricated by Jakprints! The women were very happy with the results, and we couldn’t be prouder of the two of them! Congrats, and we wish them all the luck in the future!

PROUD to Support East Meets West

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Public Square Group is partnering up again with eS Game of SKATE for the 2nd Annual East Meets West in Slavic Village (Cleveland, OH). This tournament of technical skate wizardry will take place this coming Saturday May 16th at 4:30 pm. Sign-up begins at 4:00 pm. Click here for registration details, the rules of engagement, and directions.

*The Woodpusher T-shirts you see above were printed by! The Woodpushers will be attending East Meets West on Saturday.

This is a pretty cool video. Check it out!

East Meets West – eS Game of SKATE 2009 from Public Square Group on Vimeo.

Clutch Keeps It Big & Sticky

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Clutch (a Maryland-based pop/rock band) is keeping it big and sticky with these whopping 24″ wide bumperstickers we produced for them. These custom 5 year outdoor durable two ink screen printed stickers are sure to catch looks on the back of your Ford Galaxy 500 (don’t forget the Jesus on the dashboard…). To get started on this type of custom screen-printed sticker for your band or business, just give us a call or put in a sticker quote at

Letter of Appreciation to Alicia, Josh and Jakprints

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Frank Gwirtz
Lakeland Community College, Kirtland, OH[ Click image to enlarge ]

We are a PROUD SUPPORTER of “Clean and Green”

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Saturday, May 30th, 2009
White Plains, New York (about 40 mins NE of NYC)
“Clean and Green” is anexciting green event intended to promote environmental awareness in the White Plains, NY community. There will be entertainment, food, childrens activities and a forum for local businesses to promote their green products.All the promotional items printed for the event were printed by on “green” stocks with soy and vegetable-based ink! Learn more about our eco-friendly printing at
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