Eco-Friendly Promoting


At Jakprints, we practice what we preach and work to leave the Earth better than we found it through sustainable printing. In addition to aggressive recycling programs, we have some of the most sustainable printing methods in the industry.

But, any company can toss around green buzzwords; that’s why we’ve partnered with Trees for the Future to plant one tree with every order. They work with local farmers in Latin America, Africa and Asia to rebuild communities and cultivate more diverse, productive and healthy land. Since 2012, we’ve already planted over 200,000 trees — that’s more than one square mile of new forest.  Enough about us, you’re here for you aren’t you?

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Promoting On A Budget

You’re working hard to put yourself out there, but if you’re a new brand–advertising can prove to be a lot more expensive than you thought. You’re not even sure where to begin promoting, especially in a cheap manner that won’t bleed you dry. All you have to do is create promotional products that won’t cost a fortune.

We like to have the opportunity to not only help our clients grow but grow with them. With printing, you can always adjust the specs of what you need to be printed so it can fit any budget–you can get your money’s worth and start building sales.


flyer example

A trusty method of promoting: Custom flyers are a foolproof way to brand in excess on the cheap. Store windows, car windshields, and telephone poles are just the beginning; your only limit is the size of your street team.

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The Do’s And Don’ts of Tradeshows

tradeshow booth 2

If you’re looking to showcase at your first trade show or your 500th, you’ve come to the right place. We talked with trade show veteran and Jakprints Co-Founder, Dameon Guess, about the do’s and dont’s of getting ready for tradeshows. Preparation, quality and body language, go hand-in-hand when presenting your brand at a tradeshow.

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Creating Prints of Your Artwork

You’ve spent hours on every line and brush stroke; you’ve waited for the perfect natural lighting before snapping that photograph. Now comes the hard part: putting your artwork in the hands of the public.

Creating prints of your art makes your work more affordable and accessible to a wider range of audiences than selling solely originals, but not all prints are created equal. Anything worth printing, is worth printing well; don’t settle for a faded image on flimsy paper. This won’t do justice to your art and it won’t produce a product your audience will want to hang in their homes.

Creating and selling prints is a ‘make or break’ process. If not approached correctly, your prints can either create revenue or bleed you dry.

Whether you’re a printing veteran or just beginning the venture into selling your art, having quality prints is a step in the right direction. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with options for creating prints of your artwork, have no fear. We’re about to walk you through the pros and cons of one of the most popular art print options, Giclées.

newsstand giclee example

T.SQ Newstand by Grotesk

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Promoting Your Mixtape: Beyond Social Media

Congratulations, your mixtape is finished! You’ve created a list of tracks you are proud of, your sound is polished and you’re ready to get your work out to the public! But wait, before you take to Twitter to spam your feed or flood your friend’s Facebook timelines, take a step back to think about your promotion strategy.

example of mixtape jacket printing

Proper branding and promotion of a mixtape are often what stands between an artist that gets noticed and one that fades into obscurity. The market is over saturated with musicians who have no idea how to get people to listen to their music once their mixtape is finished.

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Jakprints named one of Crain’s 52

Crain's Cleveland Business 52 Fastest Growing Companies

The people over at Crain’s Cleveland Business named us as one of the 52 Fastest Growing Companies in 2015 for the northeast Ohio area. Formerly known as Crain’s 50 and renamed to Crain’s 52 to pay homage to the 52 stories of the Terminal Tower, the list complies companies that display entrepreneurial spirit and innovative business tactics.

We couldn’t be more honored to be recognized for our hard work! Crain’s will be holding an awards ceremony on Nov. 4 at the Near West Theater in Gordon Square to name the Top 10 of the list. Check out the rest of the nominees and learn more about the event on their website and we hope to see you there!

Glossary of Screen Printing Terminology

Screen Printing is a printing method where ink is driven through a stencil with a squeegee– but you probably knew that. It’s all the other jargon that can feel like the screen printing business has its own language. Here’s a comprehensive list of terms, inks and equipment to help you understand what’s going on and get going with your next print project.

Example of Color Separation Terms

All the terms you might hear thrown around when researching screen printing.

Bit Map– an image created on a visual display unit where each pixel corresponds to one to more bits in memory, the number of bits per pixel determine the number of available colors. Bitmapped graphics is often referred to as raster graphics.

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What to Expect With Over the Zipper Screen Printing

Screen printing is a lot like painting with a roller. On a flat wall, the paint will go on evenly and smooth. When the roller hits a bump in the wall, it skips a space and there is a break in the color, a little gap that the paint doesn’t hit. Fleece hoodies are mostly smooth unless you hit a zipper or pocket. Luckily, we’re experts at Jakprints and we have the know how to work around these limitations.

Apparel with non-traditional print areas is extremely popular right now. But, this type of printing often comes with its own challenges, like how to get your design to look good while printing over seams and zippers. This can be tricky but not impossible and the final products are always worth the effort. We sat down with Jeff Wisenberg, head of Apparel Production here at Jakprints, to get some tips and information about the process of printing over zippers.

Color swatches and ink

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3 Rules For Sustainable Printing


Printing Sustainably Doesn’t Need to Be Hard or Expensive


Historically, print has been a dirty business: colorful, chemical-laden goo smeared on top of dead trees. While most print businesses use all the right buzzwords, their claims often lack substance. Or, even worse, we’re fed the Whole Foods model — that the only sustainable options are expensive and luxurious. The best thing most designers could do, if they were truly committed to the environment, would be to avoid print. Go digital, it’s the only way to be sure, right? Wrong.

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Screen Printing Tips From The Pro’s

We sat down with some of the best and brightest Jakprints employees, LT Magnotto & Jeff Wisenberg, to talk about the ins and outs of screen printing.


LT has worked in color separation at Jakprints for more than a decade and is considered one of  the best in the industry.

Color separation is the process of breaking down a full color image into a few colors so that it can be screen printed without the eye seeing the limited number of colors.




Jeff has the honor of being the very first employee of Jakprints. He’s put in 16 years of hard work to help build the  foundation of what we have today. Jeff is the head of apparel production, making sure they have everything they need in order to make the best possible product.

Tips for Screen Printing

Some designs work better for screen printing than others but, as LT says, “Everything works, we won’t turn any projects away.”

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