Jakprints Customer Spotlight – Thor Platter

We love hearing what you’re working on. Last week, we caught up with Jakprints customer, talented folk-rock musician and all around nice guy, Thor Platter! Since 2007, the third Saturday of April has been internationally recognized as Record Store Day. A celebration of the unique culture of independently owned record stores throughout the world. It’s one day that independent shops come together with artists to celebrate the amazing art of music with limited edition releases, in-store performances, special sales and parties. Continue Reading…

Jakprints Spotlight: Swallow Clothing Co.

We LOVE getting to know you and learning more about your projects! One of the perks of working at Jakprints is a front row seat to watch new brands launch and develop!

Swallow Clothing Co. is a new line that swooped in and quickly grabbed our attention. We chatted by phone with Ryan Vollmer of Swallow Clothing Co. about how they started, whats new and what’s next!

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Jakprints Spotlight – Tom Matzdorf / SoMo Apparel

We love hearing what our customers are working on. Last week, we caught up with Jakprints customer and friend, Tom Matzdorf of SoMo Apparel Company.

If you’re one of the millions of Americans that resolved to make 2013 a healthier year and have already fallen off the fitness wagon, Tom should be your new best friend.  The enthusiasm this guy has for working out and fitness is beyond contagious.

What’s so awesome about SoMo Apparel (which stands for “So Motivated”) is while they have an apparel line they sell online, their primary goal is to build a community of support for people trying to start an exercise program. Tom says, SoMo Apparel is about a lifestyle, not just a brand.”

Tom, who is a graphic designer by day, created the SoMo Apparel line of t-shirts less than a year ago. These t-shirts, printed by Jakprints on American Apparel are worn by runners, triathletes and a few iron men who help spread their “Motivated apparel for the motivated person” message.

I asked Tom for a few tips on how to get off the couch and start a successful workout plan. He said, “always remember, it takes three weeks to get into a routine and just three days to fall off of one!”  His advice to everyone is, “get out, get moving and get a work out partner.” 

He adds, “If you’re really trying to stick with it, sign up for a local run or something with a deadline date to help you keep on track.”

Tom and the rest of the SoMo crew have big plans for 2013! In addition to expanding their apparel line, they are working on The Burpee Run, happening in August.  It’s a  5 mile run that incorporates 50 Burpees, (10 per mile) into the run.  If you’re like me and have never heard of a burpee before, it’s similar to a squat thrust.  It’s an intense 4 step, full body exercise used in strength training.

What’s really fantastic about this run is that each participating runner dedicates their personal run to a family member or friend they’ve lost.

SoMo Apparel plans to create a special t-shirt for the runners, with the names of all the honorees on the back.

If you’re looking to catch the fitness bug, visit their website,read their blog and “Like” them on Facebook for more tips and workout inspiration!  Thanks to Tom for taking the time to talk to us. We loved learning more about SoMo Apparel.

We’d love to hear what you’re working on. Share your projects with us!

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